Hypnosis for Parkinson’s Symptoms

Hypnosis for Parkinson’s Symptoms is an article that I wrote for the November/December 2019 issue of Desert Health ®. You can read it by clicking on the button below.

I have been blessed this past year by the warm reception that I have received here in Palm Desert and throughout the Coachella Valley. One of my honors has been writing an article each month for Desert Health ®.

Hypnosis for Parkinson’s Disease

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The goal of Desert Health ® is to promote prevention and “whole person” healing, to recognize accomplishments, celebrate community, revel in sports, educate and inform to the best of our ability, and to encourage our readers to “get out and do!”

The Parkinson’s community has been especially receptive and welcoming. I was invited to be a member of the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Wellness Village and I’ve enjoyed opportunities to speak to groups in Palm Desert, Santa Monica and Newport Beach.

I love it that so many people here in the Desert Cities are interested in Medical Hypnosis.

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“Results revealed a 94 percent reduction in rest tremors following treatment.” ~NIH

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