Hypnosis for post-cancer pain

I began helping people with hypnosis for post-cancer pain back in 1997. Over the years, people have sought hypnosis help for all stages of cancer, but pain was a common theme.

Hypnosis can be a powerful ally in the journey with cancer and cancer recovery. I teach you the hypnosis pain management skills that allow you to reduce, minimize and/or eliminate pain.

I have found over the years that people who are post-cancer are often neglected and forgotten about. If this describes you, I know that you too have needs. Hypnosis can help and I am here to support you.

If you are in or near the Coachella Valley, we can meet at my Palm Desert Hypnosis office. Otherwise, we can meet online worldwide.

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Hypnosis for post-cancer pain

Hypnosis Shows Promise in Managing Post-Cancer Pain

April 11, 2019: “The majority of patients with cancer will experience pain at some point, and 39% experience chronic pain after completing treatment. Since most drugs do not completely rid patients of pain and can come with negative adverse events (AEs) non-pharmacologic interventions are needed, explained Linda Eaton, PhD, RN, AOCN.

According to research conducted by Eaton and colleagues, clinical hypnosis may be a promising way to treat pain.”

Read Hypnosis Shows Promise in Managing Post-Cancer Pain

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