Stop Chewing TobaccoYes! Hypnosis for snuff – you can stop chewing tobacco with hypnotherapy. Since 1997 in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices I have helped people to stop using chewing tobacco with self-hypnosis. My Break Free Stop Chewing Tobacco MP3 download has proven to be an added support for many in the days following their hypnosis therapy session.

According to a Reuters February 25, 2010, snuff is just as addictive as cigarettes. People who use smokeless tobacco, or “snuff,” are just as hooked on nicotine as cigarette smokers, if not more so, new research from Sweden shows. And those who smoke and use snuff may be especially nicotine-dependent.

The risk of withdrawal symptoms for exclusive snuff users and exclusive smokers was fairly similar, but the snuff plus tobacco users were two to five times as likely to experience these symptoms as exclusive smokers.

The findings in this study support the conclusion that smokeless tobacco in adolescence has a potential to induce nicotine dependence which is at least as high as for cigarette smoking. Read Snuff Just As Addictive As Cigarettes.

If you are ready to stop chewing tobacco, then hypnosis can help you snuff out that nasty habit. Learn self-hypnosis and Break Free. Stop Chewing Tobacco now with my MP3 hypnosis download. Make positive change in your life and improve your health with hypnotherapy.

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