At Seattle weight loss I know that hypnosis for stress and hypnosis for weight loss are important for the holidays. Why be one of those that stresses out and gains weight over the holidays only to go on a diet in January? Weight loss has never been better until you go to Slender For Life™.  You really can lose weight Seattle over the holidays.  Discover how you can lose weight. Hypnosis really can make the difference, even over the holidays. Don’t live near Seattle or Bainbridge Island, then let’s create a phone and on-line hypnosis program so that you can manage your holiday stress and lose weight.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and with all the family get-to-gathers and all there is to do, stress can really mount up. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you have several stress reduction tools available to you:  my 27 minute free hypnosis download, Orange Blossom; and of course there is the Stress Reduction technique. And, to manage stress, or to lose weight and for day-to-day life, there is self hypnosis.

You can learn how to hypnotize with Light Switch self-hypnosis. Be sure to read about the correct way to do a written suggestion. I have been getting a lot of positive feed back about Power Minutes – and I sure love these hypnosis MP3 recordings. They are short and sweet. The long list of hypnosis suggestions are all the free hypnosis suggestions that I have used in blog posts. You are welcome to use them word for word, but they are there to guide you in creating your own hypnosis scripts.

Don’t let Thanksgiving be about how much food you can consume in 15 minutes or less. Enjoy the special food of the day, but eat slowly, eat consciously and stop eating when your body has enough (that will be about 2 fist-fulls of food). Talk and laugh with the people you are with, commune with them. Make the day about giving thanks and about being in relationship. And remember, events like Thanksgiving are single meal events. Enjoy the pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving meal, not for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 3 days!

Throughout the holidays, there will be special events and seasonal foods. That is how it should be! But, enjoy a cookie – not 6! You don’t have to be one of the Americans that gain weight over the holidays and have to go on a diet January 3. I suggest to Slender For Life™ clients that they plan on maintaining their weight from December 23 to January 3.  There are so many high calorie foods that weight loss can be extremely difficult. To me its important to learn how to live with seasonal foods and maintain self-control.

One final thing. Have you tried the McDougall recipe at Slender For Life™ for Stuffed Pumpkin? It looks beautiful on the Thanksgiving table and it tastes really good! It is a big hit in our house.

Look around at all the tools and resources that are available for you here at Hypnosis Health Info and at Slender For Life™. If you live near Seattle or Bainbridge Island, then come in for your no-charge and no-obligation consultation.  If you live too far away, you can take advantage of the services of Seattle hypnosis no matter where you are. Call me or email me and we can create a phone and on line hypnosis program for you.

This is a busy time of year, so take advantage of hypnosis for stress and hypnosis for weight loss. You really can lose weight. Hypnosis can make the difference, even over the holidays! It’s time – don’t put it off and do a diet in January.

Lose weight Seattle! Visit Slender For Life™.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I relax, breathe and I enjoy the holidays!

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