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A Reuters article by Mathew Bigg says that: Driving is a way of life for Americans but researchers say the national habit of driving everywhere is bad for health. The more you drive, the less you walk. Walking provides exercise without really trying. Ideally, people should take 10,000 steps a day to maintain wellness, according to James Hill, professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado.

But for those who only walk from their home to the car and from their car to an office and back again, that figure can sink to only 1,000 steps. A car culture forces people to make time to exercise and driving long distances reduces the time available to work out. Obesity and heart disease are two of many problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Car dependence makes it harder to get the 75 minutes of intense weekly exercise or the 150 minutes of moderate exercise the government recommends, said Dr. Dianna Densmore of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lawrence Frank of the University of British Columbia has even quantified the link between the distance people drive each day and their body weight. “Every additional 30 minutes spent in a car each day translates into a 3 percent greater chance of being obese,” he said. “People who live in neighborhoods with a mix of shops and businesses within easy walking distance are 7 percent less likely to be obese.”

Do you struggle to find the time and motivation to move your body? Well, when you discover the benefits of weight loss self-hypnosis you will discover that moving your body and exercise become more natural, fun and that you are more motivated. You see, hypnosis and weight loss do go hand in hand. With weight loss hypnosis you can end your desires for unhealthy foods and create new desires for healthy food and exercise. Get your free hypnosis course and learn about hypnosis for weight loss. At Seattle weight loss you can lose weight and exercise.

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I walk everywhere I can.

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