Hypnosis for weight loss can really help you out in old age. With hypnotherapy you can lose weight and keep it off without the crazy diet madness. Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that you can use throughout your life for your highest good. Discover how you hypnosis mind control and change your unhealthy eating habits now increasing your chances of being healthy in your old age. At my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices clients easily learn hypnosis. Begin your own health care reform and download my free hypnosis MP3 and experience hypnosis trance now.

Reuters reports that  Women who are obese in middle age may live to be at least 70 but they are nowhere near as healthy as women who kept in good shape.

An ongoing giant study of American nurses showed that only about 10 percent who made it to age 70 could be considered in top shape. Women who steadily gained weight from age 18 on ended up in the worst shape, the researchers said.

These women were on average 50 and healthy in 1976. The researchers looked at various aspects of their lives and lifestyles, including smoking and weight.

The fatter the women were at 50, the more likely they were to have a range of diseases and conditions later in life, the researchers found.

Obese women in middle age were 79 percent less likely be healthy at age 70, the researchers found.

Nearly 60 percent of the women had cognitive, physical or mental health limitations but no diagnosed major diseases; and 37 percent had both chronic diseases and cognitive, physical and mental health limitations, the researchers said.

“In addition, the more weight gained from age 18 until mid-life, the less likely was healthy survival after the age of 70,” the researchers wrote.

The women least likely to end up healthy in old age were already overweight at 18 and gained as little as 10 kg, or just 22 pounds, by age 50 compared to women who stayed lean all their lives.

The findings “emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy weight from early adulthood,” the researchers wrote. Read the full report: Obesity In Middle Age Bodes Ill For Old Age.

Health care reform is being hotly debated all over the country but you don’t hear much discussion about actually taking on the root of the problem which I suggest is unhealthy behavioral choices. People who eat too much, who eat sugar, fat and processed foods are going to be unhealthy. People who smoke are going to be unhealthy. People who don’t exercise are going to be unhealthy. Let’s get to the real issues and start creating healthy lifestyles.

Hypnosis mind control is really about taking control of your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors with self-hypnosis. At my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices clients learn hypnosis to make positive changes in their life.

With hypnotherapy, most any one of any age can lose weight when they eat healthy food and exercise. Stop the crazy diet madness and and use the hypnosis mind control of self-hypnosis to create health and wellness in your life.

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