Yo Twilight fans, watch this hypnosis for weight loss success story with Mary Ann Halverson and Roger Moore in Forks, Washington. Using weight loss self-hypnosis you too can create the joy of weight loss success in your life with Slender For Life™. Weight loss hypnosis really does work. Discover Seattle weight loss.

There is so much more going on in Forks, Washington than Twilight! From size 14/16 to size 8/10 Mary Ann is excited about her new healthy slender life. With Slender For Life™ you too can lose weight and feel great.

Mary Ann says: I am happy. I am really happy! I feel better and I move better. I feel great! I consume less space and I am more comfortable in my own skin. That whole feeling permeates my being and I just feel so much happier, content and happy with myself. Weight loss hypnotherapy has been a really exciting thing to do.

At first, I didn’t really believe that I would be able to do this but I changed my attitude. using weight loss self-hypnosis I learned to believe in myself and trust myself. I now tell my subconscious mind what to do.

I thought at first weight loss hypnosis would be hocus-pocus. But intelligent professional people in Forks using Slender For Life™ were having so much success I thought that this can’t be a scam. I know those people and i would believe them.

I am happier with myself and I have learned with self-hypnosis to tell myself messages putting me in control of my subconscious mind. I don’t crave the sweets that I used to crave and I have no sense of deprivation. I’ve dieted in the past only to lose weight and gain it back. This is for the rest of my life – until I go to the grave I am a slender person.

It tears me up to especially see young people overweight knowing that they are living on borrowed time with the health risks of obesity. Diets don’t work. With Slender For Life™ you can create joy and excitement in your life.

In the past two years, 30 people like Mary Ann have made weekly 3 hour trips from Forks to my Bainbridge Island weight loss office to spend an hour of hypnosis for weight loss and then made the 3 hour drive back home. That is commitment! Are you ready to make the commitment to lose weight?

Like Mary Ann, you too can be a hypnosis for weight loss success. Check out Slender For Life™ and call now for your free consultation. Discover Seattle weight loss.

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I joyfully live my lifeSlender For Life™.

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