Wound healing

The evidence supporting hypnosis for wound healing continues to grow. My colleague Mark Barrus at Healthy Life Centers wrote an excellent post, Clinical Hypnotherapy for Optimal Wound Healing.

Hypnosis for wound healing is centuries old but in recent years has become more widely accepted and used in mainstream medical centers around the world.

At Seattle Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore I have extensive experience helping people recover from surgeries, accidents, wounds, burns and other injuries.

If you, or someone you care for is suffering from wounds, injuries, surgery or other health issues, please have them give me a call or send me an email and discover how Medical Hypnosis can help. We can meet at my office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle, or on Bainbridge Island or online worldwide.

Wound healing

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Optimal Wound Healing

“The human body continues to amaze and astound. Ongoing research has been conducted to test and go beyond the limits of understanding ways in which the body can heal itself. Wound healing happens naturally when the body properly responds to the tissue injury. The complexity in which the strengthening of the skin that has been bruised or injured is remarkable. What are some ways that we can incorporate the human brain to help facilitate this process? In this instance, we will look at how clinical hypnotherapy can be used to enhance the body’s capability to heal wounds and scar tissue.”

Read: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Optimal Wound Healing

Mark Barrus

Healthy Life Centers

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