Hey, Seattle, hypnosis has ‘real’ brain effect. But that’s not news in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices. I have witnessed this for years when people want to lose weight, or overcome fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome or are recovering from cancer. Hypnosis can have a very real effect. I know. Not only have I witnessed the real effect of self-hypnosis, I lost over 100 pounds thanks to hypnosis for weight loss, healthy eating and exercise. Are you curious about self-hypnosis or wondering if you can be hypnotized? Get my hypnosis download and discover the very real effect of hypnotherapy.

On November 16, 2009, the BBC NEWS posted the article Hypnosis Has ‘Real’ Brain Effect which reads in part: Hypnosis has a ‘very real’ effect that can be picked up on brain scans, say Hull University researchers.

An imaging study of hypnotized participants showed decreased activity in the parts of the brain linked with daydreaming or letting the mind wander. The same brain patterns were absent in people who had the tests but who were not susceptible to being hypnotized. One psychologist said the study backed the theory that hypnosis “primes” the brain to be open to suggestion.

Hypnosis is increasingly being used to help people stop smoking or lose weight and advisers recently recommended its use on the NHS to treat irritable bowel syndrome.

Here is the part that excites me the most:

“ This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation ” said Dr William McGeown, study leader. One suggestion of how hypnosis works, supported by the results, is that shutting off this activity leaves the brain free to concentrate on other tasks. “This shows that the changes were due to hypnosis and not just simple relaxation. “Our study shows hypnosis is real.”

Dr Michael Heap, a clinical forensic psychologist based in Sheffield, said the experiment was unique in showing brain patterns supporting the theory that hypnosis works by “priming” the subject to respond more effectively to suggestions. “Importantly the data confirm that relaxation is not a critical factor. Read the full story from BBC NEWS.

I love it that they confirm that relaxation is not a critical factor for hypnosis. This study supports many of my own thoughts and theories about hypnotherapy.  From my own experience I know that hypnosis for weight loss has proven results. If you want to lose weight or over come rheumatoid  arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia or are recovering from cancer, self-hypnosis can make the difference for you. Put hypnosis to work in your life.

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