Join me Tuesday, June 10 at 3:00 PM on KKNW 1150 AM Alternative Talk Radio here  in Puget Sound as Olivia tells her story of using hypnotherapy in her recovery from ovarian cancer. You can also listen here on Hypnosis For Your Health Radio, Show # 16, June 10, 2008, at any time.

One year ago Olivia was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and underwent major surgery. In Hypnotherapy Saved My Life, Olivia writes about her experience.

Hypnosis has been proven to be effective in facilitating healing and recovery from cancer. Previous Hypnosis Health Info posts that you may be interested in about using hypnosis for cancer healing and recovery are: Healing and Recovery From Cancer, Hypnosis Benefits Women Having Breast-Cancer Surgery and Hypnosis Before Breast Cancer Surgery Eases Pain, Cuts Costs.

Using the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy for healing and recovery in any health situation.  Watch Light Switch Self Hypnosis and find out how easy self hypnosis is. You can also watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions and  Orange Blossom. Use hypnosis several times a day, every day.

I also highly recommend Fight Cancer.

Was hypnosis part of your experience with cancer? Please comment sharing your story. 

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My body is strong, healthy and heals rapidly. 


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