Post-quarantine induced social anxiety

After a life-changing year of social distancing, many are now suffering with post-quarantine induced social anxiety. For more than a year our world has been living with a very real disease that has killed more than 3,358,711 people.

A year ago we were washing the outside of packaged foods and scrubbing our produce. Daily Amazon deliveries became the norm and many had groceries delivered.

It’s been a year of Zoom meetings, socially distanced coffees, and interacting more with Netflix than other humans, anxious thoughts about how to be with other people again and how to reenter the world make staying under your duvet incredibly appealing. Quarantine-induced social anxiety is very real in society’s post-pandemic return to normal.

I felt naked walking into Trader Joe’s without a face covering (I had it in my pocket just in case). I kept wondering if it was really OK and it really safe to do so and I felt really self-conscious when I saw that I was the only one not wearing a mask. There were awkward glances exchanged with the few people who were wearing a face covering.

I wondered if all of these people were unvaccinated or if they just being extra cautious. Half jokingly I said to the checkout clerk, “Am I the only one in the store that has had my vaccinations?” A woman behind me turned around and said, we’re vaccinated – just being safe. We chatted and laughed and wished each other lasting health. As I left, I heard one women say to her husband, I hope people will continue to wear face coverings.

Added to the anxiety is all the confusion on is it okay to go without a face covering indoors. I found out after my first adventure into Trader Joe’s without a mask that California still requires face coverings in doors.

A colleague who works with hypnobirthing shared with me that new mom’s are fearful of taking their babies to Trader’s and other stores because they cannot trust that those who are unmasked are really vaccinated. And of course these babies are too young to be vaccinated.

While I use my self-hypnosis and mindfulness tools to release my own anxious thoughts and feelings, my phone is ringing and the emails are coming in from many who are really suffering with serious post-quarantine induced social anxiety.

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Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your butt. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Tips to let go of social anxiety

  • Learn self-hypnosis
  • Listen to Orange Blossom
  • Use Roger’s Wiggle
  • Get to know the anxiety
  • Take it slow
  • Keep things small
  • Breathe deeply
  • Visualize relaxing places
  • Talk with someone you trust about what you are feeling

Social anxiety is different from generalized anxiety

“Social anxiety is different from generalized anxiety because it’s specific to interacting with others. If the thought of small talk, meeting strangers, big groups of people giving you attention, or being judged by those around you makes you uncomfortable to the point it’s impacting your ability to be in social situations, you could be dealing with social anxiety.”

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Everything that is happening now is truly for my highest good.

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