Hypnosis in business is becoming recognized, acknowledged, studied and implemented for almost every purpose. In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge Island hypnosis and on-line coaching practice I support seasoned and beginning business people in achieving their personal and professional goals using the tools of hypnosis and NLP. You see, hypnotherapy and NLP are powerful tools for self-mastery. When you use these self-hypnosis techniques you can be in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Businesses are also using focus group hypnosis to get you to buy their products.

Watch this video and hear George Bien describe how advertisers use hypnosis in focus groups to target their marketing to get you to buy their products. The December 9, 2001, NY Times Magazine ran an article titles Focus Group Hypnosis: One of the 80 Ideas that Shook the World in 2001. Companies are using focus group hypnosis to find consumers emotional ties to their products.

The February 17, 2001, Retail Therapy, New Scientist Magazine reported that “the possibility of direct access to past experiences is tantalizing for advertisers.” One New York ad agency executive said that “the effect of hypnosis on participants was like a shot of sodium pentathol.”

Top business leaders use hypnotherapy for better concentration, focus, memory enhancement, confidence and creativity. And, they take hypnosis power naps to recharge themselves.

Use hypnosis to reduce your stress, improve your performance, to feel more confident giving a speech, to increase your productivity and to increase your profits.

Globally we are experiencing market stresses so check out Seattle hypnosis and learn the tools of hypnosis and NLP to improve your life and increase your bottom line. Call me at (206) 903-1232 or email me to experience the power of hypnosis. Don’t miss Dr. George Bien at the Hypno Expo 2009.

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