I am honored that my colleague and friend Chaplain Paul Durbin has shared his article Hypnosis Is Neither Anti-Religious or Pro-Religious for the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. It saddens me as a Christian that some people use their religion to prevent them from receiving the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. If you have concerns about hypnosis and your faith, I urge you to read this article along with Hypnosis Demystified. Please don’t let misinformation prevent you from using self-hypnosis in your life.

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Hypnosis Is Neither Anti-Religious or Pro-Religious

By Paul G. Durbin

The writer of Proverbs 23:7 states that as a person thinketh in his/her heart so is he/she. St. Paul wrote, “Whatsoever man soweth that shall he reap.” (Gal 6:7) This says to me that what is shown by the conscious mind through thoughts and images into the subconscious mind tends to become a reality. Mental images give the subconscious mind a model to work towards: good or bad. Illustration: Think back to a time when you were angry; feel it, experience it and let it go. Think back to a time when you were really happy; feel it, experience and keep it. By thought, you make feelings present again. The use of positive imagery improves life and health. Until there is an image in the mind there can be no reality. All great inventions began with a thought in the mind. The inventor was able to visualize or image the invention before he could bring it to reality. The same is true of great music, great writing, great living. The author of Proverbs 28:18 also wrote that where there is no vision, the people perish.

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin is a United Methodist Minister.
Chaplin (Brigadier General) United States Army: Retired 1989
Director of Pastoral Care & Clinical Hypnotherapy: Methodist Hospital, New Orleans, LA: Retired 2001
Director of Pastoral Care & Clinical Hypnotherapy: MHSF, Affiliated with Methodist Hospital: Retired June 30, 2005

Read Hypnosis Is Neither Anti-Religious or Pro-Religious.

If  you would like more information about hypnosis and religion, you may be interested to listen to Hypnosis Health Radio Show #6: Christianity and Hypnosis – January 8, 2008 and watch Hypnotherapy & the Human Trinity with Chaplain Paul Durbin & Roger Moore on YouTube.

If you are ready to explore your hypnosis myths, read Hypnosis Demystified and you can also learn more about how to do self-hypnosis by clicking here.

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