Hypnosis Medical Solution

Hypnosis Medical Solution  – It’s not surprise to me that medical experts around the world are recognizing hypnosis as a viable medical solution.

My own Medical Hypnosis experience began more than 22 years ago when weight loss hypnosis clients came back or referred family and friends for hypnosis for cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, dementia, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, end-of-life, anxiety, phobia and other health issues.

Over the years I have witnessed that when Medical Hypnosis is used in cooperation with your professional medical treatment it can be a powerful and effective tool.

As a result, physicians and healthcare professionals around the world are now referring their patients to me.

You can learn more about how you too can have a hypnosis medical solution, give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email. We can meet in my Palm Desert Hypnosis office or worldwide online from your home, office, hotel, RV or by the pool – wherever you may be.

Hypnosis Medical Solution

A Surprise Medical Solution: Hypnosis

“Experts theorize that hypnotherapy works because many gastrointestinal disorders are affected by a faulty connection between the brain and the gut, or digestive tract. The gut and brain are in constant communication. When something disrupts that communication, the brain misinterprets normal signals, which can cause the body to become hypersensitive to stimuli detected by nerves in the gut, causing pain. Experts believe hypnosis shifts the brain’s attention away from those stimuli by providing healthy suggestions about what’s going on in the gut.”

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Celebrating 22 years of Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore

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