Mesothelioma cancer patients may benefit from hypnosis. I am seeing more and more clients in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices who have cancer. I have been honored to provide hypnosis services to those with mesothelioma cancer. Hypnotherapy clients have reported a lessening of pain and nausea and other side affects of cancer treatment. If you are suffering with cancer, self-hypnosis may be an essential tool for your recovery.

Studies have shown hypnosis to be extremely beneficial for cancer patients and loved ones who battle anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and other secondary symptoms associated with traditional cancer treatments. Aggressive cancers like mesothelioma can have harmful side effects associated with radiation and chemotherapy regimens. Hypnosis has been shown to demonstrate improved capacity to manage these symptoms in mesothelioma patients as well as that of other types of cancer. Learn more about mesothelioma.

Self-hypnosis really can make a difference in the healing and recovery from cancer. Clients tell me they experience less fear and stress when they use hypnotherapy for their cancer treatments and recovery. If you are recovering from cancer, learn hypnosis and discover the difference self-hypnosis can make for you.

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