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Hypnosis can help you to make lasting lifestyle change and nourish your health. I was excited to find this article in the Greater Boston MD News about Dr. Mona Sigal and her Nourish Health With Food for Life (NHWFFL).

Dr. Sigal says “We don’t have a healthcare system, we have a sick care system of the first order.” Early in her career, she connected the dots between lifestyle and disease. She also realized that of all lifestyle measures, nutrition seemed to be the key.

For the past 19 years at Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore, I have been teaching people self-hypnosis so that they can nourish your health with lasting lifestyle changes.

lifestyle change
Lifestyle change

Improve your health with hypnosis

Physicians frequently share with me their frustration with their patients who don’t adhere to the lifestyle changes they prescribed.

It seems so simple: Eat more grains and vegetables. Drink more water. Get off the couch and move. Stop smoking.

Easy, right? No – not at all. Most people can make these lifestyle changes using willpower for a short period of time. But then there is the temptation of the cookie and it’s all over.

What will you do with good health?

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore I help you to discover the motivating benefits that result from healthy lifestyle changes. And, I teach you self-hypnosis so that you have a large amount of no desire for the behaviors that make you sick.

Using hypnosis for health you can get your conscious mind and your unconscious mind to work together so that they support you in achieving your wellness goals.

And, you don’t even have to live in Seattle. We can meet in my Bainbridge Island office or online from the comfort of your home or office. Call or email me now.

Nourish Health With Food For Life Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Center Founded by Boston Area Physician

July 21, 2016: “It is simply mind-boggling what happens to people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and who take a bagful of medications once you put them on a delicious, plant-based, minimally processed, low-fat eating regimen, without counting calories, carbs, proteins, or weighing or measuring anything else. I was there, I took care of those people 24/7. In only 10 days, the average decrease in cholesterol was 60 points. Blood pressures plummeted, oral hypoglycemic drugs were discontinued, insulin needs cut.

“Engaging with patients in lifestyle medicine is a dynamic partnership between two equals. I may provide the expertise, tools and unconditional support, but the patient is in the driver’s seat, doing all the work. My job is to help patients find the motivation to change.”

“Once patients experience the freedom from drugs and the improvement in health, which usually carries with it weight loss, newfound energy, vigor, stamina and better sleep, they never want to go back to the way they felt before. People are empowered.”

Read Nourish Health With Food For Life Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Center Founded by Boston Area Physician

Greater Boston MD News

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I nourish my health with lasting lifestyle change.

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