Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance with Richard Nongard & Roger MooreUsing Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance is an online one day class that Richard Nongard and Roger Moore taught at the 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference. The big mistake many hypnotists make is believing they must play the same sport as their clients to create success. And so most hypnotists, miss the opportunity to work with top level pros, college level teams and other lucrative clients related to sports performance. This class will help you to work with professional and amateur athletes and help you to better support your clients who just need to get off the couch and be more active.

Using Hypnosis to
Create Peak Performance

Together Richard and Roger share with you the way they have created success with real life clients.

  • Richard shares how he helped a professional baseball player overcome hitting a foul ball that seriously injured a fan and caused him to overcompensate and reduce his batting average.
  • Roger shares how he has used medical hypnosis to help athletes recover from injury.

Together we teach you how to:

  • Use hypnosis for peak performance states
  • Market a practice to professional and amateur athletes that pay full price for your services
  • Use hypnosis to expand capacity, reach new goals and create physical as well as mental success
  • We will demonstrate real life processes, including effective strategies for visualization, self-talk and affirmation and even micro-muscle memory for sports performance.

Join us for this full day training event. You will end the day with scripts you can use, strategies that work and a marketing plan that will help your private practice succeed.

Become a peak performer yourself by enhancing your skills and confidence, build your practice and increase your income.

You can attend real-time from anywhere in the world in our online video center.

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Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance

The amazing thing is that this class is offered for only $47.00. That’s right! Only $47.00 and it’s well worth more than the $197.00 list price.

Sports Hypnotist Brian Tomasio wrote: “Thank you Richard Nongard and Roger Moore for such an amazing learning experience at the Seattle Hypnosis Conference 2015! Roger, I really appreciate the extra personalized help for my Body Building client and the tips and insight provided by you for the creation of my Body Building Competition: Bring Out Your Personal Excellence Hypnosis MP3! I highly recommend this Hypnosis conference, which you can attend in person or online!

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