If you are a caregiver you can use hypnosis relaxation you stay calm, relaxed and peaceful. Orange Blossom is my free hypnosis MP3 download to help you relax and let go. You may also want to take advantage of  my free hypnosis course, Understanding Hypnosis.  Be sure that you also check out the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique here at Hypnosis Health Info.

In an article for Seattle Woman, February 2010, 30% of all Americans (66 million people) provide care for an elderly parent, family member or a disabled child. Caregiving is an unpaid part-time job. On average 20 hours of help a week, causing them to miss work or quit work altogether according to AARP.

Giving care is an expensive and complicated job that comes with huge emotional and physical tolls. Thoughts and feelings of being trapped can cause anxiety to the core.The recipient of care may be in pain and frustrated themselves and snap at the care giver. The caregiver is doing what they can to make the recipient comfortable and happy, but often its not enough.

Orange Blossom is 27 minutes of stress reduction and hypnosis relaxation. It is a hypnosis MP3 download for your IPod, Droid or whatever device you may have for MP3 listening. The Light Switch self-hypnosis technique is the perfect tool to use for quick relaxation and stress reduction. You may also want Power Minutes to go with it. Get my free hypnosis course, Understanding Hypnosis,  now.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

With self-hypnosis I sit back, relax, let go and come from my heart.

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