Hypnosis sports performancePeople often ask me about hypnosis sports performance. Hypnosis has been used in sports for hundreds of years. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualization. Using hypnosis to enhance sports performance refers to the inner image that the athlete has of himself. The goal of mental imagery is to generate the athletic event so precisely that athletes feel as if they are really doing the sport. All senses are necessary in experiencing scenarios that would generate a positive outcome; images need to include the entire spectrum of physical and emotional feelings as possible.

Since 1997, I’ve had the privilege of assisting individuals and school sport teams with sports hypnosis. Competitive body builders, marathon runners, cyclists, gymnasts, climbers, skiers, golfers, base ball players and dancers are among the athletes that have come to my offices or met with me online to learn hypnosis for sports to improve performance and achieve gratifying results.

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy To Enhance Sports Performance

Using clinical hypnotherapy to enhance sports performance refers to the inner image that the athlete has of himself. This inner point of view entails seeing yourself from inside your body looking out, where it feels like the athlete is actually performing the desired sport in real time. Since the world of sports from early childhood to the professional stages continue to get increasingly competitive, use of this alternative therapy viewpoint that’s most organic for an athlete before and after the experiment offers a perspective to assist the athlete in making his or her ultimate potential.

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I frequently use sports hypnosis with cycling and with my weight lifting. Self hypnosis allows me to ride with more strength, speed and stamina as well as improve my cornering skills. Hypnosis for weight lifting allows me to lift with better form and by visualizing the muscle movement prior to the action, I build muscle memory so that I am more able to lift heavier weights easier. I have also used self hypnosis when hiking for balance when crossing log bridges or when walking a narrow ledge.

If you’d like to improve your sports performance or maybe you just want to learn self hypnosis to get you off the couch so that you are more active, give me a call or send me and email. Let’s get you scheduled so you too can achieve gratifying results.

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