Orange-BlossomWhen life happens in a way that does not align with your expectations, mindfulness hypnosis stress reduction can help you manage your emotional storms. Over the past week I’ve made references to the update for Hypnosis Health Info to bring it mobile friendly. That was a process that I’d hoped would have happened back in August, but didn’t. A couple of weeks ago, the new date of September 30 was set. Guess, what? It still hasn’t happened! So, if you’ve been curious about what changes you were missing, it’s not you, there are no changes, yet.

Thanks to the mindfulness hypnosis stress reduction techniques that I teach to all my clients, I’m able to acknowledge that what I wanted isn’t happening now and be calm and relaxed with that reality. When you experience life’s stressors, you too can acknowledge the reality and experience equanimity. Let me show you: Right now, no matter what you are doing, try Roger’s Wiggle: Wiggle your toes…. Wiggle your butt…. and now take a deep breath in trough your nose and let it out through your mouth. Now, check in, and notice the changes.

The backstory on the Hypnosis Health Info update is somewhat complicated. My first blog post was published on July 25, 2007. From what I am told, this is a really old site – most web sites don’t last this long. Since that first post, I have published 2,938 posts and 419 pages of content with over 1000 images, videos and audio content. John, my web tech refers to it as a behemoth. Several years ago, Hypnosis Health Info went through an update and with a new look, but now it’s showing its age. And, to make Google happy, it needs to be “mobile friendly.”

Oriana, my design guru and book editor went to work creating the new look and searching for someone who had the skills to take on this huge task. She was not happy with the results of her search. A close friend had been telling me all about the great success his business was having with John, so I got in touch with him. When he looked inside of this site, he sounded like a little kid in a candy store. Making the updates while preserving all the links has had challenges, but John has persevered. Another challenge because of the size is transferring the Hypnosis Health Info content from one web host to another.

In addition to all this, John is getting married – TODAY. He and his bride live in rural Virginia and have spent the past year fixing up their home. The plan was that the upload would occur on Tuesday and the flip would be switched to the new update on Wednesday and he’d be ready to greet the family and friends that are flying and driving in from all over the country. The wedding is at their home in big tent in the field.

Life happened: Trouble first emerged on Tuesday as a Nor’easter intermittently knocked out the power and internet connection. And, have you been hearing about Hurricane Joaquin? Starting Wednesday the storms leading Joaquin continued to knock out the power and internet. By Thursday morning, it was very obvious that the update would not occur prior to the wedding. I have been using self hypnosis, the Stress Reduction Response, Roger’s Wiggle and Orange Blossom. I acknowledged my disappointment and let it all go. I then checked to make sure I could resume posting and that the new posts would be picked up with the new update. Yes, frustrating, but, I’m OK!

If you don’t already have Orange Blossom on your MP3 player, download it now.


Orange Blossom

Here’s what a client has to say about this
free hypnosis MP3 download.

“I love Orange Blossom. The first time I heard this there was an orange amaryllis blooming in Roger’s office–it was the first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes. Ever since then, whenever I feel any tension in my body or feel the least bit upset, all I have to do is think Orange Blossom, and as I breathe in I am immediately calm.” ~Mary

Orange Blossom is used around the world and has been downloaded by thousands of people for stress reduction and pain control. This relaxation MP3 is used in medical settings and is used before, during and after surgeries.

Listen to Orange Blossom daily for at least two weeks. The goal is that anytime you feel the least bit of stress or discomfort, simply say or think “Orange Blossom” and feel a wave of relaxation flow over you. Anytime you see anything orange, feel that wave of relaxation. Share Orange Blossom with your family and friends.

Hypnosis relaxation at its best!

This is the full 27 minute version. And, it’s FREE!

To download the file, right click on the link below and follow these instructions:

Firefox browser: click on: Save link as

Internet Explorer browser: click on Save target as

Orange Blossom

My heart goes out to John. He has real stressors! Not only does he have me and other customers to service, he’s getting married in a tent in a hurricane! Thank goodness, the US model of Joaquin’s trajectory was incorrect, but they have high wind and a lot of rain. Thursday morning, the caterer called to cancel because of the storm. So John’s family and friends have beeen busy preparing food for the wedding feast. I’ve encouraged John to listen to Orange Blossom and told him that one day he and his bride will have stories to share with their grandchildren.

Remember that all the self hypnosis and stress management techniques will never stop life’s hurricanes. Storms will continue to occur in life most days. The great news is that you do have a choice on how you choose to respond. Even in the storms, you can allow calmness to wash over you with every breath you take. As I’ve said many times before, you can be caught in traffic, get all stressed and be late to your meeting, or, you can get caught in traffic, use hypnosis stress control and show up at the meeting late and calm. Either way, you will be late. Arriving stressed or calm is your decision.

One day soon, Hypnosis Health Info will have a whole new look, and yes, Google, it will be mobile friendly. I wish John and his wife a long, happy and calm life filled with love!

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

Calmness washes over me with every breath I take.

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