Hypnosis has been used for chronic pain for hundreds of years. What is exciting is that more and more studies are coming out demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for pain and that major medical centers are using self-hypnosis in their treatment of pain. Clients in both the Seattle hypnosis can Bainbridge Island hypnosis office have been learning self-hypnosis for pain management for several years. Chronic pain can result from Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer treatment, migraine headaches, injury or just from overexertion. No matter what the cause, hypnosis can provide you relief. Melissa Roth and I will be co-teaching a two day class on irritable bowel syndrome, Fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease and we will be teaching hypnosis pain management skills at the Seattle Counseling and Hypnotherapy Conference Fall 2011.

Hypnosis to Tackle Problems of Chronic Pain

News Medical, September 15, 2011: Pain management for patients, particularly those with long-term illness or injury requires a considered and holistic approach. Imaging studies have shown that Hypnotic Therapy influences all of the cortical areas and neuro-physiological process that underline pain.

Helping patients manage pain can have a significant psychological impact. What people do to manage pain and what they think about pain, and their social environment, can all influence pain and its negative impact on functioning.

Findings that could have significant benefit for sufferers of chronic pain, their family members and caregivers, show that Hypnosis can reduce daily background pain intensity for many patients.

Moreover, recent well-documented clinical trials in people with disabilities have demonstrated that Hypnotic treatment for chronic pain has specific effects on pain intensity over and above effects based on placebo (expectancy) alone.

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Are you suffering with chronic pain? If so, call or email me and discover how you can use hypnotherapy for pain management. Self-hypnosis can help you overcome your pain as well as recover and heal from illness and disease. Create change with the healing power of your mind.

NOTE: Hear Richard Nongard at the Seattle Counseling & Hypnotherapy Conference Fall 2011 teach Ending the Cycle of Addiction.

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