Seattle hypnosis says don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore hypnosis techniques and NLP at the HypnoSummit 2.0. Learn  how to hypnotize, understand self-hypnosis, find out about conversational hypnosis and make positive changes in your mind and body. Check out weight loss hypnosis and hypnosis mind control for your health and wellness.

While there are multiple hypnosis conferences all over the world, I want to tell you about one that is very different. Before you worry about gas prices or airfare I have great news to share: The HypnoSummit takes place in the comfort and convenience of your own living room.  Online hypnosis and NLP education is finally a reality, with full interaction between the presenters and students.

Imagine what it would be like if you could sit at your computer and have a conversation about hypnosis with some of the biggest names in the industry?  What if you could type a question in and have it answered, live, via video? The HypnoSummit conference is designed to have video lectures as well as live audio, video, and text chat to maximize communication, sharing and learning in a convenient, affordable format.

No Politics, no membership dues, no hidden fees. No airfare, no hotel room, no time away from your family. Just pure hypnosis and NLP education at your fingertips. In fact, you can watch every class whenever you want, as often as you want, for three full weeks after the live event is over. Finally, a conference that fits around your schedule!  The HypnoSummit offers Continuing Education Units required by most international organizations.

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to interact and communicate live with some of the greatest minds in Hypnosis and NLP on the planet. You can learn how to hypnotize and how to use self-hypnosis. Do you know what conversational hypnosis is? Attend the HypnoSummit and find out. Be sure that you check out weight loss hypnosis and hypnosis mind control.

Check out the list of speakers and see what I mean.  Prices go up September first, so make sure to grab your ticket today.  Right now you get about 60 hours of lectures for $125. Don’t miss the HypnoSummit 2.0 September 19 -20, 2009.

I will be presenting a 2 hour class, It’s Not About The Food:
Obesity continues to be a health care crisis in the US and increasingly throughout the world. Based on my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I will share from my experience in working with hundreds of weight loss clients.  The focus of these two hours will be an overview of the Stages of Change and the Mental and Emotional Roadblocks to taking the weight off and keeping it off.

Visit HypnosSummit 2.0 for more information and tell them that Roger Moore at Seattle hypnosis invited you.

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Every day I notice positive changes in my mind and my body.

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