Research reveals that hypnosis for tinnitus can equal the results of tinnitus retraining therapy and Xanax for volume and stress reduction. In fact, almost everyone should benefit from reduced stress after utilizing self-hypnosis. While most likely the tinnitus will not go away, you can learn to turn down the volume and to forget to remember that its even there.

Getting Relief From Tinnitus May Be Mind Over Matter

While most people who have tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, do whatever they can to make the noise go away, new research suggests that acknowledging the sensation and learning to live with it can help decrease suffering. Mindfulness-based tinnitus reduction helps people separate the ringing from the stress, anxiety and other negative emotions it often causes. Instead of pushing it away, it’s dealing with what it is and experiencing it as a body sensation without the fear and depression that’s creating the suffering.

Mindfulness-based tinnitus reduction is modeled after mindfulness-based stress reduction, which previous studies have found to be effective in helping people deal with chronic pain and arthritis. The tinnitus version is specifically designed to deal with those symptoms.

Hypnosis is one of the more common ways to use the mind to overcome the symptoms of a variety of illnesses. A hypnotic trance changes people’s brain waves and, in turn, can influence behavior. You can visualize the immune system getting healthier, or imagine pain going away. The trance helps relax the mind and make it more open to suggestion.

Read Getting Relief From Tinnitus May Be Mind Over Matter

If you are living with tinnitus please understand that there is no magic cure. Having said that, you can be helped. You must be involved in every step of your therapy. How quickly you find relief will depend on how much you want relief and how enthusiastic you are about participating in your own therapy. You really can easily learn self-hypnosis and restore harmony to your life.

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