Sports Hypnosis

I found an excellent article on hypnosis tips for training and racing. These sports hypnosis tips are perfect for all sports.

The author of Get Visual: Mental Tips For Training, Racing writes that visualization should be specific and detailed. He tells how to use mental imagery in training, prior to an event and during the event.

This article is specifically written for running, but the tips he suggests are excellent tips for all sports.

Self-hypnosis works

Self-hypnosis works for all sports and most every event in your life.

Even as you are running, riding your bike, golfing, swimming, paddling, dancing or whatever sport you are participating in, you can be giving yourself suggestions.

You can tell yourself, “I can’t”, or you can tell yourself, “I CAN!

The self-hypnosis suggestions that you give yourself prior to your event, during your event and after your event can make all the difference in your performance.

Hypnosis for Sports

Get Visual: Mental Tips For Training, Racing by Jeff Gaudette, Published Oct. 8, 2013: “Some of the world’s top athletes, from professional golfers to Olympic track and field medalists, practice mental imagery and visualization in their training. Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of the power of mental imagery is the gold-medal performance of Mark Plaatjes at the world championships marathon in 1993.

Mental training and visualization clearly works for high-caliber athletes.”
Read Get Visual: Mental Tips For Training, Racing

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am calm, focused and achieve my goal.

Hypnosis for
Body Building

Maureen pose“Right away, Roger taught me special techniques that allowed me to be focused, calm and visualize success. Not only was the journey more fun, the show and post show were also more successful. I overcame my fears. I remained focused on my goals and did not go into the fear of the outcome. I was confident in my success.”


Hypnosis for Cycling

“I was planning a European 500 mile cycling tour through Europe with some friends. I was feeling intimidated by their experience, by the distance and riding both up and down the mountains.

What to eat if you're a plant-based athlete

I didn’t think that I had the strength and endurance for the ride and the climbs. And, the fast pace around the curves going down the mountains intimidated me.

I read that hypnotherapist Roger Moore was a long-distance road cyclist so I gave him a call. We set up several sessions and met online. I was surprised how quickly I became at ease with the online sessions and I would forget that I wasn’t physically in his office.

We got in three sessions before my trip and it made all the difference in the world!

My legs were strong powerful pistons and I glided around the curves with grace, ease and precision. Thanks to Roger, this was a trip of a lifetime.”




Hypnosis for Walking

OK, maybe you are not into hard-core sports, buy hypnosis can help give you the motivation to get up and be more active. So ask your doctor if getting off the couch is right for you, and then give me a call.

Golf Hypnosis

“When I called Roger Moore I was so frustrated with my golf game. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t improve. I knew it was a mental block so I looked fora hypnosis expert to help me.


Roger explained hypnosis to me and taught me self-hypnosis. In four sessions I went from a handicap of 14 to a 12. I’ve continued to improve in these past few months and today my handicap is 10. Thank you Roger Moore!”


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