Is there hypnosis treatment for reducing cholesterol? What about Cheerios? Well, without making health claims, yes, there is hypnosis treatment for reducing cholesterol. Using self help hypnosis you can change your eating and lifestyle habits which can result in lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight loss and other health benefits. At Seattle hypnosis you can learn the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. You can use instant hypnosis for your health and wellness.

In an NBC NewsRobert Bazell reports that when Cheerios first made its health claims many thought, “imagine that, a breakfast cereal that actually made your heart healthier”. But the FDA is now saying “Not so fast.”

Soluble oat fiber, a key component in Cheerios, can help reduce cholesterol. Cheerios claims that in 6 weeks Cheerios could’ve helped reduce your cholesterol by 4%. The Food & Drug Administration is now telling General Mills that the health claims have gone too far.

The problem is the claims as to how much cholesterol can be reduced in how many weeks. The FDA is saying that these are drug like claims that that can be made only when studies have been submitted to the agency and approved.

General Mills says the science is not in question and is looking forward to discussing this with the FDA and reaching a resolution.

Many nutrition experts say that the 3 grams of soluble fiber in a typical serving is not the complete answer in controlling cholesterol. Dr. Leslie Cho of Cleveland Clinic says 3 grams isn’t really going to help you. It is obviously better than eating something that is very high in fat or very high in sugar. Dr. Cho says we need to be mindful of our overall diet.

Food industry experts say that there is no question that Cheerios is a healthy product. But, the FDA is paying more attention to the claims that companies make.

Using instant hypnosis techniques such as the Light Switch you can change your eating and life style habits which can result in lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight loss and other health benefits. Hypnosis treatment is powerful, effective and can help you make life long changes in your habits and behaviors.

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