I’ve written and talked in videos on numerous occasions about the importance of a tune up with self hypnosis. The importance of using hypnosis several times a day, everyday is a daily conversation in my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices. Self hypnosis is the ultimate display of self control and it is helps keep you on course or can help to get you back on course. It is very much like tuning an instrument before and during a performance.

Recently I had an NPR “driveway moment” in the grocery store parking lot. I was listening to an interview with Mick Jagger as he talked about their 50th anniversary tour. I was fascinated as Mick talked about the importance of rehearsal before and during the tour and about the mental and emotional preparation that he and other band members had to do – even after 50 years of performing!

The next night my wife and I were in Seattle at Jazz Alley for dinner and a show with Taj Mahal. Taj came on stage and picked up a guitar. He strummed, stopped, tuned one string and began playing and singing. Throughout the show he would occasionally tune the guitar or banjo he was playing.

As I watched Taj tune his instruments I thought about Mick Jagger’s comments the previous day. It then occurred to me that self hypnosis is the rehearsal to start the day and tune up throughout the day. If an instrument become off key while being played and isn’t tuned, it will continue to become more off key until it is tuned and can make beautiful music again.

I’ve frequently talk about what would happen if you got on an airplane in Seattle to fly to Phoenix and no one made course adjustments along the way. Even if the plane was only off course by 1/2 degree, you wouldn’t land in Phoenix. The pilot and or autopilot make continual adjustments during the flight to ensure that the plane is on course and arrives at its destination.

With self hypnosis you set your course for the day and throughout the day you use hypnosis to make course adjustments or tune up in the moment making sure that you are on course and that you are making beautiful music throughout your day.

It is easy to learn self hypnosis, but you do have to use it. When you use hypnosis to fine tune your life you can achieve your goals.

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