Hypnosis for Kids’ Migraines

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to teach hypnosis pain control techniques to children and teens who were suffering with migraines, chronic pain and illness.

Frequently, these kids reported relief from the pain and discomfort after their first hypnosis session. In most cases, they continued to experience relief for longer periods between our sessions.

As they continued to learn and use the medical hypnosis techniques for pain control, the discomfort and suffering from pain disappeared or became so minimal that they often forgot that there was any discomfort at all.

Hypnosis does work for kids migraines. If your child is suffering with migraines, chronic pain or illness, please give me a call at (206) 903-1232 or send me an email now.


Give your child the opportunity to learn a skill that they will use throughout their life.


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Hypnosis is not a placebo. But, there are similarities: Both hypnotherapy and placebo involve belief that the therapy will work.

Children easily use their vivid imaginations and they are naturals at self-hypnosis. When I explain hypnosis to a child they believe in their own ability to make it work for them.

Kids quickly learn self-hypnosis for pain control and then begin to use hypnosis for academics, sports, music and all other areas of their life.

Do your child a favor and schedule their first session now.



Placebo as good as most drugs for kids’ migraines

“A drug-free placebo pill prevents migraines in kids and teens just as well as most headache medicines, according to a new review of past evidence.

For cases when medication may not be enough, Bickel told Reuters Health, parents may want to look into relaxation techniques – such as meditation – for kids with chronic headaches.”

Read Placebo as good as most drugs for kids’ migraines

Genevra Pittman

Reuters Health)

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