The following suggestions have been used in the Hypnosis Health Info blog posts in 2008. Many of you have been asking for ideas for your own suggestions, so here are all the suggestions used in 2008 on one page.

hypnosis suggestions

I am accepting all my feelings as part of my human experience.

I achieve my goals.

I fill my heart with joy!

I am open to learning everyday.

I am a beautiful and lovable being, however I am feeling.

I create my Happy Holiday.

I experience the miracles in life.

I make everyday a good one! I make everyday a happy one!

I make everyday a merry day.

I control my own mind with hypnosis.

I am loving myself as I am, using all my experiences to learn and grow.

I am responsible for my health.

I teach my family healthy choices.

I really do enjoy eating at home.

I live my life differently.

I make a commitment to change.

I choose healthy ingredients for my meals.

I have the power to be in control of what I eat, how much I eat and ultimately my weight.

I exercise and I feel satisfied.

I use self-hypnosis to change my lifestyle.

With hypnosis I easily create new eating habits and traditions.

I only eat natural food.

I use hypnotherapy several times a day, everyday, keeping myself and my family healthy.

I am calm and relaxed. I easily complete my yard cleanup one task at a time.

Because I love my family, I only feed them healthy food and I keep them physically active.

I support my health and wellness with the Light Switch Self-Hypnosis technique.

I enjoy feeling in control of what I eat.

I eat with all five of my senses, chewing slowly, fully savoring each bite and enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner.

I eat food that looks like it was dug out of the earth, picked off of a plant or bush or out of a tree.

Self-hypnosis makes healthy eating easy.

I love eating a leafy green salad every day.

I’m smart when it comes to feeding my family.

I move my ego out of the way and express my gratitude.

I use hypnosis to be in control of me.

My health is most important!

When ordering in a restaurant, I have my long-term health goals in mind.

I use hypnosis easily to achieve my goals and to create change in my life.

I love and nurture my body.

I create possibilities with hypnosis.

I eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains for all my nutritional requirements.

I eat slowly and on purpose.

I sleep soundly and restfully throughout the night awakening relaxed and refreshed, excited about the new day.

I eat with purpose.

I use self-hypnosis to create sunshine within me!

My protein needs are satisfied with fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains.

I eat real food.

I create success in my life with self hypnosis.

I eat to speed up my metabolism.

I am magnificence in human form.

I use self hypnosis five times a day, everyday.

I give myself the daily gift of exercise.

I listen to my incredible body.

I fully participate in life.

I enjoy eating simply.

I relax and let go.

My favorite foods are healthy.

I am at choice!

I live a healthy life.

I enjoy aerobic exercise every day.

I take control of me and feel like a champion.

I relax my mind and my body and let go.

I balance my body and my life.

I focus on all the good things in life and give thanks for them.

I pleasure eating healthy foods!

I am responsible for what I drink.

I am in charge of my health.

I use self-hypnosis to relax.

I am responsible for how much I weigh.

I nurture my body.

I contribute to healing the environment by eating locally grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I eat plant-based meals.

I move, firm, shape, strengthen and tone my body.

I choose health.

I boost my energy with exercise.

I really do enjoy eating a variety of high fiber foods.

I only purchase natural whole grain cereals for my family.

I live my life to the fullest and I remain calm and relaxed.

Total well being is mine.

I eat for my health.

My body moves with ease and grace.

I heal from within.

I choose healthy carbs that fuel my body.

I burn fat fast!

I give myself permission to be powerful.

The act of believing ignites the healing process and every cell in my body is instantaneously restored to wholeness and perfect health.

I experience optimum health, happiness and serenity from this day forward.

I breathe deeply and really look to see what is there.

I make sensible eating choices.

I love to walk and move my body.

I offer loving support to my partner.

I enjoy eating a wide variety of whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

I experience my emotions.

My food is light, fresh and sumptuous.

I am young at heart.

I manage my environment for health and safety.

I take one thing at a time.

I relax my mind and my body.

In my family we only eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I maintain my ideal weight with self-hypnosis.

I strengthen my bones by eating plants and with exercise.

I take control of the trance that I am in.

I model healthy eating habits for my children.

I am committed to do whatever it takes that’s safe and healthy to achieve my ideal weight.

I eat healthy and I feel satisfied.

I love me and give care to myself.

I stay on track.

I feel good about me.

I make a friend of my appetite.

Today I choose to eat healthy.

Because I love my children, I only feed them vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Every trusting thought instantly energizes all cells in my body into perfect health.

Water is my beverage of choice.

Right now, I am Becoming Slender For Life.

The process that ignites my power to heal consists of believing and trusting that this power is mine to use whenever I choose.

I give myself time to play.

If I think it, I can do it!

I enjoy a healthy body and mind.

The power to heal my mind, emotions and body reside within me.

I question stressful thoughts.

I am the perfectionism of life.

I encourage my children to eat healthy and to be physically active.

Self hypnosis is an important part of my family.

I enjoy drinking water throughout each day.

I give love and care to my body and feed you food that sustains life.

I give healthy nutrition to my body by eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I stay on course with self-hypnosis and achieve my goals.

I am bananas about my health!

I am smart, wise and good at what I do.

I enjoy a healthy balance of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

I eat a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains and fruit for all my protein needs.

I eat Slender For Life™.

I have within me, right now, everything I need to achieve my goals.

I feel much better now that I exercise everyday!

I am calm and relaxed for all dental procedures.

I enjoy eating a wide variety of vegetables and whole grains.

Potatoes are a part of my healthy eating plan.

I exercise my mind with hypnosis.

I love using my new ChiQ to change unhealthy habits and to increase my mental, physical and emotional performance.

I love my veggies!

I enjoy discovering new ways to eat beans.

I enjoy the natural flavors of my foods and beverages.

I’m smart and provide my children lots of fruits and vegetables.

I nourish my body with vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

It makes sense to eat more vegetables.

I manage my thoughts and behaviors with self-hypnosis.

I am focused on what I want.

I make healthy eating fun.

I protect my children by feeding them fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

I make healthy eating choices.

I am in control of what I am eating and ultimately my weight.

I love myself enough to do whatever safe and healthy things it takes to ensure my ideal body weight.

I go for my healthy ideal weight of age 18.

I keep my body moving and active.

I focus on living Slender For Life!

I heroically move toward my success!

I am motivated to achieve my goals.

I gracefully position myself in this moment.

I feel satisfied when I meet my nutritional requirements.

I breathe deeply, relaxing my mind and my body.

I feel totally satisfied eating vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

I eat when I am hungry.

I get up, get focused, get going, and get what I want.

I give my body permission to heal.

I stay young with exercise.

My slender body easily fits into an airplane seat.

I declare my independence from food.

I stay strong and have fun doing it.

I create my joy! 🙂

I start out every morning with a hearty whole grain breakfast.