My daily blog post has your Hypnosis Health Info hypnotic suggestion for the day. I will include each daily suggestion for 2012 here for your ease and convenience. You are welcome to use them word for word. They are here to give you ideas for formulating your own suggestions.


I allow the joy of this season to fill my heart and propel me into a prosperous new year!

I live each day to be happy.

I live each day for health and happiness.

I find the music in my life.

Today I dance!

I make room in my heart to be patient and kind.

I make today and everyday joyful.

Tonight and every night I sleep in heavenly peace.

My mind is filled with hope. My heart is filled with joy.

I spread the light of Christmas every day of the year.

I am relaxed and merry for the holidays.

I fill my grocery cart with real plant based food.

I am naturally motivated to be active.

I use my thoughts and my words for my health and well being.

I take action for my health in 2013.

I feel safe, serene and at peace.

I keep this holiday safe, healthy and joyous.

I celebrate my resurgence of health.

I notice the naturally sweet moments in my life.

For today, I only drink water and only eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I choose food and beverages that make me slender and healthy.

I eat fruits and veggies to support my health.

I allow myself to experience my emotions.

I am calm in difficult or frustrating situations.

I’m regaining my health and taking control of my life.

Everyone I meet today will be blessed by me.

I’m inspired to cook healthy.

Eating healthy foods makes me look and feel better.

Today I give myself love.

I make my holidays happy!

Body fat falls off of me quickly, easily and healthfully.

Eating right is easy and fun for me.

I naturally nourish my body with healthy real foods.

I easily achieve my healthy ideal weight.

I am a clear thinker.

I’m fine tuning for my life.

I am in control of my eating habits.

I have everything I really need and want in life.

Today is the first day of the rest of my slender life.

May today and everyday be a thanksgiving feast of my soul.

I eat slowly and mindfully through the holidays.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

I celebrate the holidays and remain true to my goals.

I am willing to pay the price to be Slender For Life™.

I feel comfortable being in a crowd.

I am great. I am awesome. I am amazing.

I love and accept all parts of myself.

I improve the world, NOW.

Eating healthy always makes me feel happy, healthy and alive.

I’m creating healthy radical changes in my life.

My body is learning to heal and to be healthy.

Water refreshes and replenishes me.

I always choose the most healthy and nutritional foods.

The more active I am the more exhilarated and alive I feel.

Everything I drink moves me to closer health.

I change my eating habits and I do so easily.

I feel a coolness spreading through my body.

I return to my own sense of inner peace, balance and calm.

Exercise is adding healthy, happy years to my life.

I treat myself in healthy ways.

My body’s ability to heal is great.

I am healthy, wealthy and happy.

Every day I become a more nutrition-conscious cook.

Drinking water is right for me.

I love my body as it is right now.

I enjoy a whole foods, plant based diet.

I deserve to feel perfectly well.

I now choose to support myself in loving, joyous ways.

I acknowledge and accept the world around me.

I’m making it safe for me to be at my ideal weight.

Patience is mine.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

Eating fruit and vegetables makes me happy!

Exercise is right for me.

Vegetables and fruit are good for my body.

I’m using my powerful thoughts to create a reality that is
supportive, healthy and empowering.

I’m making choosing health easy.

My immune system heals me and keeps me healthy.

I am in control of my thoughts, emotions and food cravings.

I’m building a healthy plant-strong body.

I make eating right easy and fun for me.

Today nurturing myself is my highest priority.

I am supportive, gentle and empowering.

I am making true revolutionary reform with my healthcare.

Focusing is easy for me.

I’m making positive changes to improve my health.

I support my health by drinking water.

The more I let go, the more powerful I am.

I am worthy of lifelong changes.

Eating healthy is right for me.

I enjoy the holidays while moving closer to my healthy weight loss goals.

My game is ridiculously consistent.

I’m bananas about my health!

I feel good about myself.

I’m getting an “A” for my healthcare.

Today I only eat foods that are life enhancing for me.

I find great experiences to enrich my children’s lives.

I am making healthy life changes.

I’m embracing every experience life has to offer.

I eat food that makes me healthy, slender and strong.

I burn fat. I let my slender and fit self emerge!

Today I have fun getting my butt and brain moving.

I am clear about my goals. I am becoming more slender every day.

Today I am physically active.

I create my ideal body with my thoughts and my actions.

Everything I encounter is a lesson and teaches me something.

I feel fully connected to my experience in the here and now.

I am secure in myself.

I am thankful for the bounty of health-giving food.

I have fun nourishing my body with healthy foods.

I ride with joy, strength and power.

Exercise is adding healthy, happy years to my life.

I am a strong presence in the world at my healthy ideal weight.

My intentions create my reality.

I live in the here and now.

I never give up and I know it’s never too late.

I give my healing power full permission to heal my body.

Water refreshes and replenishes me.

I believe in my ability to lose weight and keep it off.

I eat food slowly and use all of my senses to truly taste, smell, and fully experience eating mindfully.

I ride with speed, strength and endurance.

I’m retraining my brain to feel great!

I keep healthy food and reform my healthcare.

My happy meals are vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I choose thoughts and emotions that support me in living life abundantly and joyfully.

I make time for myself each day to exercise.

It is so easy for me to prepare delicious plant-strong meals.

I have a lean, powerful, muscular body.

I am motivated to release every ounce of body fat that I desire.

I take the next step to reach my summit.

I eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit every day and I love them!

I am open to the experience of the present moment.

Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.

I have full ability to control my weight.

I eat healthy. I am healthy.

I have a healthy desire for the sweet taste of life!

I have a large amount of no desire for food that makes me fat and sick.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

I am open to the experience of the present moment.

It’s okay to release the weight.

My thirst for learning is alive and well in me!

I love giving good care of myself.

I find my greatness!

I am forever grateful for the abundance of nourishing
plant strong foods I have to choose from.

Lifestyle medicine is my standard of care.

I’m creating healthy new habits.

I enjoy planning healthy, plant strong meals.

My body is becoming more slender with every new hour.

I exercise and eat right to be healthy.

I love the food that makes me thin and healthy.

In this moment I breathe, I let go, and I know that I am OK.

I only eat foods that nourish my healthy body.

I crave food that makes me slender, strong and healthy.

Today I take positive steps towards my success.

I have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritious foods.

I’m in complete control of my thoughts and emotions.

I notice when I experience stress and I notice when I am hungry.

I get off the couch and move!

In my relaxed state, my body repairs and heals itself.

I’m creating change by reprogramming the computer of my life.

I am a success!

I like making healthy, satisfying food choices.

Water helps me maintain my good health.

I savor the flavor of each bite.

I feel strong and  I eat only the food my body needs.

I eat for my health and the health of generations to come.

I eat, exercise and think like a slender, healthy, fit person.

I live mindfully.

I am what I eat; I therefore only eat the very best.

I eat strong and healthy.

I eat healthy and live vigorously for a lifetime.

I’m eating great and I’m feeling great.

I see myself slender, fit, and trim.

I am healthy, wealthy and wise with plant based food.

Hunger is a good thing.

I choose to embrace thoughts of confidence
in my ability to make positive changes in my life.

I eat plant strong and I’m gaining health!

Every day my relationship with food becomes healthier.

I’m a big leaguer lighting-up the skies in my life!

I savor the taste of summer vegetables and fruit.

I am confident in my ability to make positive changes in my life.

I’m discovering who I am!

I am in control of my thoughts, emotions and actions.

I’m mindful and I’m moving forward!

I fuel my body, which is the vehicle of my life, with premium, nutrient-rich foods.

I give loving care to myself and to my body.

I only eat food that Great-Grandma would recognize.

I’m on the way to a healthier me.

I replenish my body’s water supply by consuming
beverages and foods that contain water.

I harness the immense power of my subconscious mind.

I happily love and nourish my body with plant based food.

I take pride in my health.

I’m off the couch and moving.

I am full of energy and good health as I exercise everyday.

I tune into my body’s own wisdom on what, when and how much to eat.

I get off the couch and move.

I sleep like a baby all through the night.

Being active gives me great joy!

I naturally make choices that are good for me.

In this moment my heart is blissful.

I make the time for real food.

I enjoy my life right where I am.

I’m becoming slender the healthy way.

It is so easy for me to prepare delicious plant strong meals meals.

I love vegetables!

I improve my longevity with diet and exercise.

I eat to propel my health.

I am willing and committed to doing what it takes.

I invest in my health with plant-based food.

I crave food that makes me slender!

I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals.

It’s easy for me to pick healthy food.

Just enough feels perfect.

I take bold action for my health.

I am filling myself with true happiness, health, love and fulfillment.

I’m taking the steps for life!

I have all the time I need to exercise.

I’m revolutionizing my health with the food that I eat.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.


I’m feeling great and enjoying my life.

I have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritious plant-based foods.

I love myself with grace and compassion.

I breathe and empower myself.

The food on my table is for my health.

My healthy style life pays me big dividends.

I am worth it and I value and give care to myself.

I stand up for real food.

I’m celebrating life!

I am worth it and I value and give care to myself.

I am in control of my thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

I bring my attention to the sensations within my body.

I relax and boost my immune system.

My calm thoughts and actions renew my mind and body.

Water refreshes, replenishes and relaxes me.

I’m taking a stand to protect our nation against childhood obesity.

I am healthy, fit and active.

I experience the joy of meeting my goals.

I remember that social situations are about being with people.

I’m getting high on my healthy life!

My metabolism has improved as a result of my exercises and I am leaner and fitter.

I’m in charge of what I eat and how much I eat.

I have a healthy addiction to healthy habits.

With each breath I become more calm and relaxed.

I let go of the guilt and express my gratitude.

I’m making friends with my appetite.

Every day in every way I am becoming fitter and healthier.

My heart is merry and my spirit is happy!

I have good eating habits and enjoy only foods that nourish me.

I get up and create change.

I feed my health.

I am determining the fate of my body.

I am empowered to achieve my goal.

I am creating a trifecta of health with healthy eating, exercise and hypnosis.

Today I kickstart my health.

I love drinking water.

I relax and live.

I am getting very healthy!

I’m making healthy eating easy.

I stop and think, “Do I really need this?”

I’m changing my family’s behavior by eating healthy and exercising.

I choose my food carefully and thoughtfully.

Today I focus my eating on plant-strong.

I feel totally satisfied with plant-based food.

Every day I am mastering new skills.

Rebirth and renewal ignite new hope in my life.

I am now the loving, nurturing adult giving loving care to my inner child.

I eat smart and I eat plant-strong.

Today I am turning it around.

I build strong bones with beans and greens.

I Can Do This….. I Got It!

My lifestyle supports liberty in my life.

I postage stamp my cravings.

I’m kicking healthy food choices into gear.

My breathing is relaxed and easy.

Plant-based foods feel and taste good in my mouth.

I’m serious about my health and feed my body plant-based food.

I eat mindfully and stop when I am comfortably satisfied.

Healthy eating habits are becoming easier each day.

I have the power of choice. I have options.

My body is a natural virtuoso for healing.

I am a mindful eater.

I’m focused on solutions.

I eat plant-strong for health and liberty in my life.

I stop and think, “do I really need this?”

I’m eating plant-based food for the long term health gain.

I’m making living at my ideal weight my reality.

Deep down inside I am opening, loosening and healing.

I eat plant based food to love and nurture my body.

I use self-hypnosis with written suggestions five times a day, every day.

I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

I have breath…… I am calm and relaxed.

I’m OK.

I love and nurture myself.

I am allowing for a state of healing.

I’m enjoying greater health with plant-based food.

I eat for the best of my abilities each day.

Fresh vegetables feel and taste good in my mouth.

I am feeling very peaceful and very sleepy now.

I’m going for a deeper level of healing.

My inner calmness facilitates my wellness.

I have a mindset of health and wellness.

Every day brings me new challenges and experiences.

I am passionate about making changes in my life.

My healthy body begins with what I put into my mouth.

I’m enlisting support for my goals.

I am ready to be free.

I’m giving better care to my body.

I’m eating the right foods for my health and wellness.

My true nature is to be of love.

I am well-being.

I breathe and know that I am OK.

Every day I make new and positive changes in my life.

My cells, organs and immune system transform for my wellness.

I create inner peace.

My thoughts and emotions are in my control.

I choose to make positive healthy choices for myself.

I nourish my heart and soul with love.

This is a good moment for me.

I’m educating myself and my family about healthy nutrition.

All parts of me are working together for my health.

I am free!

My thoughts flow with enthusiasm to achieve a healthy more slender me.

Today I feed myself with love.

I have complete control over the food that I eat.

Today I create a naturally healthy hit of “happy”!

I’m rooting for me!

I’m putting my imagination to work to improve the function of my immune system.

I am feeling healing changes within my body.

I am showing up in my life.

I am an agent of change.

I’m moving for a better way one person at a time.

Regular activity allows me to have the healthy, happy lifestyle I want.

I’m on course!

I am creating good feelings of healing and pleasure in my mind and body.

I am taking action for my health.

Every Cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.

I like vegetables.

I think that kids matter.

I am receiving healing in all that I do.

I am ready for radical results.

My body is made to heal.

I’m waging war on obesity.

I am eating for my healthy future.

I eat mindfully and sensuously and enjoy my food.

I feed my body as the sanctuary for my spirit.

I focus on my goal – even when life is distracting!

I am honest with myself.

I achieve what I conceive and believe.

I respect and care for my bones and feed them well.

I’m getting stronger eating plant-based food.

I am naturally drawn to the foods that my body needs to be healthy.

Fresh vegetables feel and taste good in my mouth.

I accept healthy eating as a way of life.

I achieve my weight release goals in 2012.

My body has a natural genius for healing.

I’m sticking with it for life!

Every day I learn something new and amazing.

Every day brings me new challenges and experiences.

My natural state is wellness.

I am eating plant strong in 2012.

I am excited about my future!