Since 2008 I have posted your daily Hypnosis Health Info hypnotic suggestion for the day. Each day in 2013 I will include your daily suggestion here for your ease and convenience.

You are welcome to use these suggestions word for word. They are here to give you ideas for formulating your own suggestions.


My body is getting slimmer with each and every day.

Every cell in my body is alive with health and energy.

I live my life with grace, elegance and perfect ease.

I let joy into my heart and into my life.

My heart is always open.

The peace of Christmas is in me.

In this moment my heart is Holy!

I laugh, love and enjoy each moment.

I’m gentle with myself by setting realistic, attainable goals.

Breathing in, I experience the joy of Christmas.
Breathing out, I share the joy of Christmas.

I enjoy cooking and sharing food with others.

I cherish and support my wonderful body in every way possible.

My body feels healthy, lean and strong with plant based food.

I easily choose to nourish my body with healthy foods.

My good health is the reward for the nourishing foods I eat.

I am changing now to be Slender For Life™.

I easily set aside the concerns of the day.

I look, feel and act healthier every day.

I am eating, moving and thinking toward the life that I want.

My body feels healthy and strong with plant based food.

I make my world wonderful!

I become healthy and Slender For Life™.

As I plan for my holidays, I create more ease in my life.

I transform today and everyday into fun.

I set myself up for success with healthy food.

I deserve a healthy heart.

Today I get off the couch and I only eat plant based food.

I command my mind to think clearly and to act in my own best interest.

My daily exercises make me stronger and fitter.

I relax and let the sights and sounds and
smells of the season fill me with joy!

I breathe slowly and deeply.

Today I wiggle my toes.

I bless my food with love.

I choose to be blessed beyond measure this holiday season.

I am strong and healthy.

I love to eat the foods that make me slender.

When I’m at a holiday gathering, I focus on connecting with people.

Every day in every way I am becoming slender for life.

I make healthy, satisfying food choices.

My slender body and good health are the
rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.

Today I am so thankful for the possibility of change.

I am excited to be slender, healthy and energetic and
to live a well-balanced, active lifestyle.

I find it easy for me to be slender and fit.

I am creating new habits to achieve my goals.

I am worthy!

Every day I become a more health-conscious cook.

When I eat mindfully, each bite is a party in my mouth.

I eat food as it’s grown.

I do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining excellent health.

My lifestyle eating changes are changing my body and my health.

I eat healthy and I stay healthy.

I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.

I eat all the right foods for optimum health.

I enjoy the little things in life.

Eating healthy energizes my body and spirit.

I restore and maintain my body at optimum health with the food I eat.

Eating healthy is easy and fun for me.

Exercise is adding healthy, happy years to my life.

Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.

I am blessed with unexpected gifts.

I celebrate life with childish joy.

I am finding it easier to eat right and give good care to myself.

When I exercise I feel energized.

Nutrient dense food fills me and satisfies me.

I choose the best in every single bite.

I go with the flow and my life is easy and filled with joy.

I am mindful in an easy and relaxed way.

Every Cell in my body vibrates with peace and joy.

I am in choice.

I express my needs and feelings.

I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Each and every time I exercise I feel renewed with energy.

I easily channel my focus into this present moment.

I choose to eat healthy meals every day.

Healthy eating is easy.

Each day healthy food tastes better to me.

I experience the fullness and vitality of life.

I am eating food that contributes to my health and wellbeing.

I take this moment to quiet my mind.

I choose to feel rested and relaxed.

I nourish my mind, body and soul.

I breathe deeply and every breath energizes me.

I drink water when I am thirsty.

Every cell in my body now vibrates with energy and health.

I feel safe in the arms of the grownup me.

I nourish my mind, body and soul.

I invoke my inner virtuoso for healing.

I naturally desire plant based foods.

I mindfully choose plant based foods that satisfy me.

All my choices are in agreement with my goals.

My body is healthy, my mind is focused and my soul is at peace.

Being fit and vital is one of my top priorities in life.

I am making positive choices in my life.

With every breath I take my cells revitalize keeping me healthy and vibrant.

I am the creator of my future and driver of my mind.

I feed my body care, appreciation and love.

I show myself love by feeding myself healthy foods.

I choose the best, not just in every single thought, but also in every single bite.

I eat in ways that promote my health more every day.

With each step I take I feel empowered, filled with new energy.

I allow myself to be slender.

I am more than my impulses.

I respect my body and I give it the plant based nutrition it needs.

I am happier and healthier every single day.

I respect my body and I give it the plant based nutrition it needs.

I show myself love by feeding myself healthy foods.

I am mindful and live in the present moment.

I have perfect control of my weight.

Positive and wonderful things happen to me.

I relax deeper, deeper, deeper relaxed.

I have the choice to change.

My future is very, very awesome at my healthy ideal weight.

I live my life intentionally.

I have the freedom of choice.

I deserve and accept vibrant health and wellness into my life right now.

I’m well in my thoughts and at ease in my body.

I nourish myself with healing foods every day.

I’m healthy, happy and transformed!

I am beautiful! I am bountiful! I am bliss!

I am at peace within myself.

I love my body as it goes through life’s changes.

I am richly rewarded for my healthy eating habits.

I have a healthy spirit, mind and body.

Being calm and relaxed energizes my whole being.

I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

I have a natural drive to achieve my healthy weight.

Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness and health.

It’s OK for me to release this excess weight.

I relax and my body repairs and heals itself quickly.

I respect and give care to my body.

I always choose options that are best for my health.

I like making healthy, satisfying food choices.

New strength is flowing freely to every part of my being now.

Healthy change is easy for me.

It feels great when I exercise regularly and give care to myself.

I am a calm, easy going, and positive person.

I love eating healthy plant based foods that are good for my digestive system.

I eat foods that support my health and wellness.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

I enjoy creating healthy fun meals.

I am a wellness warrior!

I am a master of success!

As I lay down to sleep, a beautiful sense of deep relaxation fills my body.

I feel good when I eat wholesome, natural, plant based food.

I am present in my life.

My body thrives when I feed it plant strong.

I am relaxed, calm and peaceful in the presence of here and now.

I have a naturally healthy mind and body.

I take time to laugh and play everyday!

I welcome freedom into my mind.

I know that my healing is already in process.

I breathe deeply and let go.

I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

My body seeks health.

I am open to the experience of the present moment.

Moving my body is pleasurable!

My body has a remarkable capacity for healing.

I choose to eat a hearty breakfast each and every morning.

I prepare healthy, creative and innovative whole grain meals.

I am mindful throughout the day and know that I am OK.

I eat nourishing satisfying plant based food.

I joyfully achieve and maintain my healthy ideal weight.

I have the drive and the grit to go the distance and reach my goal.

I let go of the stress and pain in my body.

I passionately live my healthy life.

I nourish my body for perfect health.

An endless supply of healing energy streams through me.

I eat to honor the sacredness of my body.

I set challenging yet achievable fitness goals.

I celebrate daily physical activity!

My fitness routine is enjoyable, energetic and easy!

Joy builds within my soul & bursts into my life in unexpected ways.

I am vigorous, energetic and full of vitality.

I eat healthy and live well.

Eating right is easy and fun for me.

I am centered, calm and balanced.

Changing my behavior is as easy as changing my thoughts.

Life is beautiful and I am enjoying every moment of it.

All my habits are positive and beneficial.

Today I give into the temptation to be more active.

My body is powerful and strong.

Life is abundant and I accept abundance in my life now.

I eat clean.

I eat natural foods.

I enjoy healthy foods.

I lead an active and energetic lifestyle.

I am a conscious eater.

I treat myself lovingly and give myself special attention when needed.

I mindfully choose plant based foods for my health.

My choice is to eat healthy foods and to be active.

I easily reach and maintain my ideal weight.

I achieve my ideal weight with nutrient-rich foods.

I choose to be healthy.

I play nice, communicate kindly and enjoy the happy, healthy side of technology.

I have full ability to control my weight.

My mind and body are connected, in sync, and working towards my health.

I have a powerful and creative mind.

I achieve great and successful results.

I strive for progress.

I make peace with myself and with food.

I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.

Every day my relationship with food becomes healthier.

I now eat all the right foods for optimum health, energy and peak performance.

I have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritious foods.

I feel so good when I eat healthy.

My thirst for learning is alive and well in me.

Every drop of water renews my health and vitality.

I choose health.

I am a winner!

In this moment I am safe and I am OK.

I be my best.

Each day I congratulate myself for the positive steps I take toward my success.

I attract success and achievement.

I am whole and well in mind, body and spirit.

I eat just enough and it feels perfect!

I make choices and decisions for my higher good.

Eating plant based food makes my muscles are strong, lean, defined and sexy.

I live life to the fullest everyday.

I’m excited about living the rest of my life, Slender For Life™.

I am open to change.

I use the power of my mind to reduce pain intensity.

I choose to heal.

I breathe and chill out.

Every cell in my body is health conscious.

Response is my choice.

I love and care for my body even when eating out.

I eat lots of vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I am tenacious about doing my very best!

I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my higher good.

I practice mindfulness everyday.

I make healthy, responsible food choices.

I set myself up for success.

I am rewarded by utter happiness and a state of tranquility.

I gratefully accept health.

Water refreshes and replenishes me making me smarter.

I willingly embrace each and every responsibility.

It is so easy for me to prepare delicious plant based meals.

I trust my body’s urge to heal.

I give loving care to my mind, body, and spirit.

Being active is exhilarating.

I accept good health as my natural state.

I am very focused on being healthy.

I treat my body as a temple. It is holy, it is clean and it is full of goodness.

I practice mindfulness in every moment.

I respect my body by eating delicious natural food given by my creator.

I am mindful of my exercise and my food choices.

Confidence empowers me to live my life to the fullest.

I am Loving and forgiving.

Today I give.

I modulate my body for my health and wellness.

I’m living well.

I think and eat like a slender person.

I accept healthy eating as a way of life.

I love getting my calcium by eating green vegetables.

I move quickly and easily like a slender person.

I give loving, nurturing care to my mind, body and spirit.

I practice mindfulness in every moment.

Time is always available to me.

Any information I need to recall comes effortlessly to mind.

I’m in touch with the peaceful stillness at my center
—sweet and balanced and steady.

Today I write new stories.

I feel a healing warmth throughout my body.

I keep my energy level high with healthy natural food.

I am creating love, nurturing and safety from within me.

My body deserves the healthiest food that I can find.

I’m so happy being vegan.

My body is full of happy, energetic healthy cells.

Today I write a new story that supports my success.

I treat myself to a tasty and healthy new recipe.

I happily eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I’m making big changes for my health.

Healthy lungs and a slender body are mine!

I make healthy choices and I eat small portions when I am dining out.

I eat slowly and use all of my senses to truly taste, smell,
and fully experience eating mindfully.

I am at peace even when life gets crazy.

I am reprogramming my immune system for health.

I find it easy to eat plant strong and to be more active.

I find it easy to eat healthily.

Water refreshes and replenishes me.

Every system in my body functions exactly as it was intended to.

I’m in control of how I respond to the stressors in my life.

I’m changing my life and improving my health.

I naturally fuel my body.

I eat healthy, nutritious food that benefits my body.

I love being healthy!

Today my own well-being is my top priority.

I make healthy changes in my life.

I feel relaxed and calm in both mind and body.

I trust in myself and my ability to reach my fitness and exercise goals.

I fuel my body with only the best foods.

When I eat healthy I feel better.

Everyday, I eat healthier and healthier.

I use the power of the subconscious mind for my health and wellness.

I’m making weight loss healthy, fun and pleasurable.

I love my slim body and I love how easily it moves.

I deserve a healthy body and mind.

When I choose a drink, I am conscious of the impact
it has on my health.

I desire healthy food that makes me slender and strong.

On the in-breath: “Breathe in peace.”
On the out-breath: “Breathe out and smile.

I make weight loss easy.

My mind and body are connected, in sync,
and working towards my health.

I make positive changes with hypnosis help.

I eat healthy whole foods.

Pound by pound, inch by inch, choice by choice
I am becoming healthy and fit!

I enhance my health with plant based food.

I am becoming trim and healthy.

I fill myself with living.

My body has the built-in capacity to repair and heal itself.

I achieve what my mind can conceive and believe.

I listen to my body and it tells me the types of food it needs.

I eat plant based food as an active part in my health and wellness.

I am a natural healthy eater.

I calmly process the evens of the day.

I give myself the credit for my success.

I give myself permission to change.

I am centered and mindful in my life and relationship.

I love loving and I love being loved.

I put my mind to work for my health and wellness.

I am mindful throughout the day in an easy and relaxed way.

Eating healthy is easy and fun for me.

My plate is filled with plant based food.

I feel absolutely powerful when I work out.

When I drink water I feel healthy and energized.

I eat and drink plant strong food that does my body good.

I eat slowly and use all of my senses to truly taste, smell, and fully experience eating mindfully.

My memory is sharp for all of the information I wish to bring to my conscious mind.

I man up and eat plant strong.

I feel involved in my food choices.

I’m boosting my self esteem.

I am a winner!

I keep my mind fit.

Eating healthy nurtures my body and soul.

I am creating inner peace for health and healing.

I have perfect digestive health.

My power to be more active is in today.

I attain and maintain my ideal weight because my health is most important.

I am in charge of my success.

I’m taking weight off and keeping it off.

I’m reinventing my life for health.

Self hypnosis is a daily habit.

I maintain my healthy ideal weight throughout my life.

Today I take a step forward.

I’m on a life-long journey of health at my ideal weight.

I love my life changing weight loss benefits.

I now choose to support myself in loving, joyous ways.

I love being healthy!

Today and every day, my thirst for learning is alive and well in me!

I easily maintain my healthy ideal weight throughout the rest of my life.

I fuel my body with only the best foods.

I enjoy eating plant based food.

This year I achieve my goals.

I love whole grains for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m shaping up! Shaping up!

There is much more to my life than food.

I am getting healthier thanks to my healthy eating habits.

My life is good. I am happy. And my life is just getting started!

I feel safe, calm and relaxed.

My mind is clear, focused and sharp.

I choose to embrace thoughts of confidence in my
ability to make positive changes in my life.

I’m making permanent changes in my life.

 I pull myself together and celebrate.