The following suggestions have been used in the Hypnosis Health Info blog posts in 2009. Many of you have been asking for ideas for your own suggestions, so here they are all on one page.


I  manage change with self-hypnosis.

I live the rest of my life Slender for Life™.

I use hypnosis to manage holiday stress.

Vegetables nourish my body.

My children’s health is a family affair.

I will do whatever I need to do to give good care to my body.

Today I give someone a gift.

I change my habits by changing my mind.

I know that my healing is already in process.

My family is health, happy and active.

I safely release excess weight.

I eat slowly savoring the flavors, aromas and textures of my food.

I love and care for my body and it cares for me.

I create a new story for this holiday season and do it differently.

I nourish my body with healthy habits.

I take charge of my life with self-hypnosis.

I do provide my family healthy snacks.

I eat for my health

Each day I dance my gratitude.

I put hypnosis to work in my life.

I make healthy lifestyle changes with self-hypnosis.

I create a new story that supports me in my health and wellness.

I relax, breathe and I enjoy the holidays!

I love being able to breathe freely.

I give loving care to my body.

I am calming and soothing myself.

I eat slowly and savor the taste of my food.

I celebrate the abundance in my life.

I enjoy a variety of whole grains for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I support a healthy school lunch program.

I love eating vegetables from every color of the rainbow.

I make sure that I eat plenty of fiber everyday.

My perfect weight is on the way!

I breathe, I relax and I bend with the flow of life.

I deserve to have a slender, healthy, attractive body.

I model a healthy lifestyle for my family.

I choose healthy habits for my heart and mind.

My body feels light and easy to carry.

My Partner and I have a loving, healthy pregnancy.

I choose a life of health with hypnosis for weight loss.

I love the feeling of making progress.

In my family, we live our lives in support of one another with unquestioned loyalty.

I enjoy trying healthy new recipes.

I eat healthy, nutritious, real food for the rest of my life.

I lighten up!

I am a life-long learner.

I am now relaxed and filled with peace of mind.

I have the power to create change in my life.

I am excited to begin my Slender For Life journey.

I eat for my health.

I am willing and committed to doing what it takes to release this weight.

I eat only what I need.

I am in control of my health and wellness.

My health is most important to me.

Water restores me.

I love eating nutritious food.

I create inner peace and relax my body.

I am releasing weight for me because I love me.

I nurture myself and my family with healthy food.

Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.

I plan and provide for my family’s healthy future.

I listen to my body when it tells me I have eaten enough.

I enjoy exercising and my fitness routine gives me unfathomable results.

I prefer fresh, natural nutritious foods.

Because of my commitment to my health and active future, I only eat real food.

I give the best care to me today so that I am my healthiest in the future.

I am finishing strong!

I release the excess weight so that I breathe easily and sleep soundly throughout each night.

I stock my cupboards and refrigerator with healthy snacks.

Whole grains like brown rice are an important part of each of my meals.

I am filled with energy!

I prefer to eat foods that create my health and beauty.

I encourage and support people of all ages with healthy eating.

I have a healthy spirit, mind and body.

I am joyfully creating success in my life.

I honor the sacredness within me with my weight release journey.

I begin each day with a healthy and hearty breakfast.

Beginning right now, I feel relaxation throughout my body..

My hormones are perfectly balanced and regulated.

I am healthier now that I am changing my behavior and lifestyle.

YES! I am Becoming Slender For Life!

Learning is a treasure that will be with me forever.

I encourage my family to be physically active.

I have fun and enjoy life when I am in good shape.

I am becoming more slender everyday.

I am firmly committed to staying slender and healthy.

I love and accept myself and my body just as I am.

The more I give care to myself, the better I feel.

I am powerful, centered and loving at all times.

Every cell of my body is healthy and whole.

I effortlessly stay on track.

My life is filled with options and opportunities.

I model healthy and balanced eating for my family and firneds.

My body is getting stronger, more slender, and healthier every day.

I am a priority in my life and I achieve maximum results in my life.

My family snacks of vegetables and fruit.

I love and respect myself and my body.

I enjoy the natural flavors of foods.

I easily retain and recall my studies.

I have a healthy desire for nutrient dense foods.

I am aware of the foods that create fat in my body and rob me of my energy.

I am always open and eager to learn.

It’s easy for me to live with just the natural sugars of vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

I help my children make the right decisions.

I am happy and healthy.

My new habits are more and more comfortable everyday.

I use the power of my subconscious mind.

I am ready and willing to do my part.

I easily make healthy food choices.

I am taking safe steps to a healthy weight.

I love the natural flavors of fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

I am in control of my health destiny.

I eat foods that build strong bones.

I love eating vegan.

I eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit because my health is most important.

I sleep soundly and restfully throughout the night.

I support my family in living a healthy lifestyle.

I am willing to do what it takes for my family’s healthy weight.

I create success in my life with self-hypnosis.

I am a role model for healthy eating.

I am truly blessed!

Every day I notice positive changes in my mind and my body.

I am physically active everyday.

I achieve great things in my life with hypnosis.

I encourage children to be physically active.

I am slender at heart!

Love nurtures my heart and soul.

My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.

I talk with my family about the importance of a healthy body.

I model an active lifestyle for my family.

I contribute in healthy ways to my body.

I only feed my body vegetables, fruit and wholegrains because my health is most important.

My daily fitness routine gives me excellent results.

I am in control of my thoughts.

I focus and improve my performance with self-hypnosis.

I succeed at creating the healthy body I’ve always wanted.

I am committed to doing whatever it takes to keep my family healthy.

I love my brown rice!

I love and nurture my body as it is right now.

I just stop it with self-hypnosis.

I am empowered to use the marvelous powers of my mind to be Slender For Life™.

My success is forever.

I know that I am very capable.

What I give away. I keep.

I’m proud that my children are happy, healthy and love their vegetables.

I’m a smart shopper.

I have all the strength, speed and agility that I need.

I’m loving my meals of summer’s fruits and vegetables.

I choose to live my life with love, joy and happiness.

I use hypnosis for my health.

My meals are simple, fun and healthy.

I love, cherish, respect and honor myself.

My body is to be kept beautiful, healthy, and sexy.

I know I can!

I am open and eager to learn.

I am firmly committed to my healthy slender body!

I eat for my good health.

I eat to nurture my body and my soul.

I release with with grace and compassion.

The greatest freedom I can have is to be who I am.

I encourage healthy eating by only bring nutritious food into our home.

I treat my body with love and kindness.

Success and good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance.

I easily let go of excess weight.

My mind is calm and relaxed. I radiate peace from within.

I am ready to be slender again.

I safely release excess weight.I safely release excess weight.

I make helping people fun.

My good health and leaner, sexier body are the rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.

I am at choice as to how I respond to the the stress in my life.

My family eats nutritious foods.

I feed my family food that makes them strong.

I cherish the people in my life.

I deserve a healthy body and mind.

I neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.

I keep my children moving and active this summer.

I eat real food – food that looks like it was dug from the earth, picked off a plant or bush or out of a tree.

I am creating my life filled with wholeness, health and wealth of the most important kind – my own sense of self and worth.

I accept responsibility for my success.

I am a positive role model for my family.

I am motivated to release every ounce of body fat that I desire.

I am present and conscious in my body.

I am getting stronger, healthier and more vibrant each and every day!

I am creating liberty in my life through exercise.

I have joy in my cells!

Exercise gives me a good feeling about myself.

I allow my kids to eat healthy foods, naturally.

My body is getting slimmer with every new hour.

My intake, assimilation and elimination are healthy and in perfect order.

I joyfully release the excess weight two pounds at a time.

I use hypnosis treatment to create mastery in my health and wellness.

I joyfully live my life Slender For Life™.

I enjoy eating a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I encourage physical activity.

I am willing to change.

I manage my health and wellness.

I’ m on the road to health and fitness.

I release heavy emotions.

My sleeping habits are improving.

I choose foods that truly nourish me.

I eat foods that support my health and my new weight.

My health is extremely important to me.

All my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.

Today, I give myself the time to listen to a Becoming Slender For Life weight loss hypnosis CD.

I use Becoming Slender For Life to support me in my weight release goals.

I season my foods with healthy spices.

I eat like a slender person.

I make course corrections with Power Minutes.

I use self-hypnosis at least five times a day, every day.

I am perfectly healthy!

i treat my body and my planet with love and respect.

I love and enjoy drinking water.

I give thanks for life today!

I am committed to ending and preventing childhood obesity.

I use the powerful tool of hypnosis to master my life.

I love and nurture all parts of me.

I stand by me.

I attract the resources I need.

I am wonderful and I am made in the image and likeness of God.

I organize my family outings to include physical activity.

I am forever young!

Today, I do it differently. I write a new script.

I feel safe in the arms of the grown-up me.

I love and nurture myself.

I choose to eat healthy foods.

I have mastery over what I eat and how much I eat.

I eat only those foods that assist me in releasing the excess weight.

Each day, I automatically and successfully eat healthier and healthier.

I look and feel lighter today.

I allow my imagination to be limitless.

Water satisfies my food cravings.

I feel so thin inside, my outer is just about to catch up.

I create my own economic stimulus program by mastering my thoughts, emotions and behaviors so that I achieve my goals.

I do my part to provide healthy food to children.

I am releasing fat effortlessly.

I am feeling thinner today.

I provide healthy meals and snacks to the children in my life.

I let go of my judgments. I am blest with forgiveness.

I honor my commitments to my self.

Rebirth and renewal ignite new hope in my life.

I am happy about sharing my essential self with others.

I make things easy for myself by eating real food.

I take charge of my health, life and career.

I create inner peace.

I am important. I make the time to plan & prepare healthy meals.

I am motivated!

I feel so good when I eat healthy.

I create a healthy food environment for my family.

I am in control of me.

I am a peaceful, loving and forgiving human being.

I am happy about sharing my essential self with others.

My refrigerator and cupboards are filled with vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I teach my kids to treat their body with love and kindness.

I am passionate and committed about achieving my goal.

I step out of the pain.

It is easy for me to be a non-smoker!

I deserve healthy food and a healthy body.

I soon see results and that motivates me to get up every morning.

My family deserves to eat healthy nutritious food.

I am fully nourished by the foods I eat.

Taking care of my body gives me great confidence.

Water is my beverage of choice.

I am ready! I am ready to be different! I am Becoming Slender For Life!

I am getting stronger and slimmer every day.

I love the food that makes me slender.

Water feels so refreshing and satisfying.

In my family we keep it positive!

I release tension throughout the day to improve my quality of sleep.

My body is getting stronger, slimmer, and healthier every day.

The success I achieve in my health rubs off on the rest of my life.

I feel confident; I feel safe; I feel secure.

I am getting my whole life into balance.

I’m enjoying how I’m feeling now.

I create a healthy relationship with food in my family.

I create dietary excellence in my life.

I have within me, right now, everything I need to achieve my goals.

I am calm and relaxed.

I celebrate all success!

I enjoy greater health with each and every breath.

I create healthy cravings for water, vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

I crave healthy food from every color of the rainbow.

I sharpen my mental acuity with self-hypnosis.

With hypnosis I achieve amazing results.

I have a healthy craving for water.

I recognize unhealthy eating triggers and create healthy alternatives.

Every day I notice positive changes in my mind and my body.

My body is getting stronger, slimmer and healthier every day.

I enjoy eating every color of the rainbow.

I know that a craving is just a thought. Like any other thought, I can change it or discard it.

I boost my immune system with exercise.

I set realistic, measurable goals for my families health.

I make healthy eating a family affair.

I communicate love and kindness with every word, every touch and every action.

I choose love by keeping my heart open and vulnerable.

I express my love by doing the little things that keep my relationship alive.

I consciously love and appreciate my partner today.

I am loving.

I find the greatness that lies within me and the extraordinary love that I so richly deserve.

I am healthy and sexy.

I nurture my family.

I am open to learning.

I am at choice of what I eat and how much I eat.

I live by my values.

I am committed to my goals.

I make the best choice I can.

I eat healthy, exercise and use self-hypnosis to maintain my healthy ideal weight.

I am worthy of maintaining my ideal weight.

I am worthy of good health and wellness.

I love unconditionally.

I drink water frequently throughout my day.

I provide healthy and nutritious meals for my child’s future.

I give care to my body.

I change myself and my perceptions with self-hypnosis.

With hypnosis I create change I can believe in.

At this meal. I only eat food that takes me to my goal.

I pick up those weights!

I eat healthy and set an example for my teens.

I only put premium food in my mouth.

I am becoming slender for life!

I create light within me using self-hypnosis.

I am loving fruits and vegetables more and more.

I can do this!

I easily fall fast asleep, sleeping soundly and restfully throughout the night. I awake in the morning relaxed, refreshed from a night of restorative sleep, excited about the new day.

I make conscious choices.

I am peaceful and loving.

I create a new beginning that is simpler and greener.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool in my life.

I manage my health with my healthy lifestyle and behavior.

I easily create healthy new eating habits with self-hypnosis.

I exercise my mind.

I make positive changes in my life with hypnosis.

I allow myself to see in new ways.

I drink eight or more glasses of water everyday.

I exercise everyday.