Mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy aids highly stressed people

Study after study shows that mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy are the perfect aids for highly stressed people.

Someone recently joked with me that with all the mindfulness and hypnosis tools that I have I should never experience stress. I laughed and assured this person that I don’t walk on water, at least yet anyway!

Researcher Gary Elkins, Ph.D, states that mindfulness “can help people cope with stress, but can require months of practice and training.” I don’t believe that it has to require months of practice and training for mindfulness to be effective. Based on client feedback, positive results can be almost immediate. I teach people quick and easy to use mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques that when used can be life changing.

But, the real challenge is to use them. I think that most of us grew up with the mindset that we were victim to our thoughts and emotions. But that’s not true. With mindful self-hypnosis we can be in control of our thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you are experiencing life’s stressors, feeling anxious or are having panic attacks, self-hypnosis and mindfulness can benefit you. Please, take control of your thoughts and emotions and start breathing easier and give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email. All sessions are now live online telehealth appointments so that we can meet from the comfort of your home, office, RV, car, hotel room or wherever you may be.

What’s left of our kitchen
before they pulled up the sub-flooring

“Mindfulness is a type of meditation that involves focusing attention on present moment awareness. It can help people cope with stress, but can require months of practice and training,” said researcher Gary Elkins, Ph.D., director of the Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory at Baylor University. “Hypnosis also involves focusing attention, but it includes mental imagery, relaxation and suggestions for symptom reduction.”

Read Mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy aids highly stressed people

Baylor University

Finding silver linings

It can be difficult but I seek to find the silver linings in my life challenges. I find that life continues to provide me with many opportunities to breathe and let go. After a wonderful Memorial Day weekend of family and bike riding, we came home to hear water running out of our home. A filter under the kitchen sink had burst flooding the kitchen, dining, living, laundry rooms and the hall way. The flood response guys came that night to suck up water and set up fans and dehumidifiers. In the days following they have ripped out carpet, ripped out the kitchen cabinets and cut out sheet rock on several walls. They are taking out the subflooring to get to the wet insulation under the house and to get the water our of the air ducts.

We rented a condo in Palm Springs and have moved in for at least the next 30 – 60 days while our home is rebuilt. 

Coming home to a flooded house is stressful, to say the least. It is also overwhelming with the many decisions to be made and with the flood guys packing up the house. We tried to stay ahead of them grabbing things that we thought we might need, but so far everyday we think of something that we want and realize that it’s packed in an unmarked box in the garage.

But, there is a silver lining! We had planned to move out this fall and replace all of our flooring and we’ve been looking into the possibility of remodeling the kitchen. Now, insurance will pay for a good chunk of what we want to do.

I know that the stressors will be many. We will be dealing with contractors and sub contractors and the insurance agent and counting on them all to show up and complete on schedule. We have flooring to pick out, a kitchen to redesign and countertop and backsplash to choose. And, we can choose our thoughts, emotions and how we respond when things get messed up.

We will be practicing lots of self-hypnosis and mindfulness. The stressors will be working overtime, but I can choose to be calm, relaxed and patient with each one of them.

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Life is filled with endless opportunities for me to breathe deeply and let go.

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