Opioids for pain

Over the past few years I have had numerous clients who wanted hypnotherapy as an alternative to opioids for pain. Some of these people had been on opioids and are weaning off the drug. Others, have had injury or surgery and are looking to hypnosis for pain relief.

Hypnosis is very effective for pain relief and for managing the withdrawal from opioids. I teach you the self-hypnosis techniques to help you to relax your body and to dial back the level of discomfort that you may be experiencing so that you feel better. People who feel better heal better and faster.

If you are living with chronic pain and/or if you are wanting to end your dependence on opioids, hypnosis can help you too. We can meet at my Palm Desert Hypnosis office or online worldwide. Give me a call at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email. You and I together will create a hypnosis program for you.


Opioids for pain

Could hypnotherapy be alternative to opioids for pain?

” …. researchers found, hypnosis eased the pain people felt by 29% to 42%, compared to doing nothing.

Why would hypnosis help? Thompson said imaging studies show that hypnosis changes activity in areas of brain that modulate pain perception.

Jensen said researchers think hypnosis basically taps into the body’s innate ability to relieve pain.”

Read: Could hypnotherapy be alternative to opioids for pain?

Amy Norton

Healthday Reporter , Medical press

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