Hypnotherapy for Cancer Beyond the Swinging PendulumI am honored to have the privileged of sharing Hypnotherapy for Cancer: Beyond the Swinging Pendulum at the MultiCare Regional Cancer Center in Gig Harbor, Washington, on September 30, from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. Multiple studies are showing that hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with the physical symptoms of cancer as well as decreasing need for anesthesia during surgery, alleviating pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress. The American Cancer Society recommends that to alleviate nausea and vomiting as a result of cancer treatment, you talk to your doctor or nurse about using hypnosis, biofeedback, or guided imagery.

Decreasing cancer-related symptoms with self-hypnosis

by Dr. Mark Jensen, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine:

In the last two decades, a great deal of research has studied self-hypnosis training as a method for pain control. The result of this research is clear—self-hypnosis is effective. People can learn to alter activity in their brains through self-hypnosis, so that they experience less pain. It’s not magic or voodoo. It’s simply learning to shift brain states so the brain processes less pain information. As a result, you hurt less. Once people learn how to use it, they often report that just a minute or two of self-hypnosis results in hours of significant pain relief. Over time, many people report that their background or usual pain intensity has dropped significantly as well. In our clinical trials of self-hypnosis, patients reported to us that not only did they feel less pain, they felt more energy and slept better.

Since pain, fatigue and sleep problems are common in individuals who have a history of cancer, about a year ago we did a pilot study in women, both those in active cancer treatment and survivors. As we found when teaching self-hypnosis to people with other types of pain problems, the women in the cancer study with significant pain problems reported significant decreases in their pain with self-hypnosis. They were able to use this skill to feel less pain on a daily basis.

We also found that the women who presented with sleep problems reported improvements in their sleep quality. Indeed, learning to calm the mind and get control over the mind enabled people to stop the so-called “gerbil brain” at night. When they did that, they were able to get to sleep easier and they got better quality sleep. Of course, when you sleep better, you also feel less pain, so maybe part of the reason people felt less pain was they slept better or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter, because it all worked!

We also found there were significant improvements in fatigue; that is, people felt more energy. However, in our pilot study, the fatigue returned after about three months. But the improvements in pain and in sleep quality maintained. It raises the possibility that the effects on fatigue may require more treatment than we offered.

Read Decreasing cancer-related symptoms with self-hypnosis

For the past 7 years I have been supporting people living with cancer with hypnosis in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices and more recently with online hypnosis. No matter where you may live, contact me and find out how hypnosis for cancer can benefit you.

Cancer patients who have used hypnosis have shown improvements in all aspects of their quality of life. They have more energy and are more active after hypnosis and they are more able to cope with the difficulties that they face in their everyday lives.

Hypnosis stress reduction helps boosts the immune system improving your body’s natural ability to heal and be healed. Stress reduction can enhance functional status and well-being and reduce physical symptoms and psychological distress.

I am a frequent presenter at Gilda’s Club, Peninsula Cancer Center, St. Anthony Hospital, Harrison Hospital and many cancer support groups. I’d be happy to meet with your cancer support group and share with you the benefits of medical hypnosis.


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