Hypnotherapy for depression

People frequently ask me about hypnotherapy for depression. They want to know if hypnosis for depression really works and how hypnosis can help. It’s quite common at Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore for people who are there for weight loss, chronic pain, cancer, autoimmune disease, stress, anxiety, or other reasons to tell me that they are experiencing less depression.

In recent years research on hypnosis for depression is showing significant beneficial results. Former clients have made a point to share with me how much the mindfulness based self-hypnosis techniques that I taught them has help with overcoming depression.

With hypnosis you can change your thoughts, change your emotions and even change how you feel within your body. You can change from depression to joy.

Hypnotherapy for depression can work for you online from the comfort of your office or home, in my Seattle Hypnosis or Bainbridge Hypnosis offices. Call or email me now and let’s develop a hypnosis program for you.

hypnotherapy for depression

Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore

I do not diagnose clients. My goal is to teach you the skills and tools to empower yourself towards wellness when you have a global assessment of functioning score greater than sixty. My goal is to provide you with a safe and supportive environment where you can talk openly, honestly, confidentially and feel heard. With over 40 years of counseling experience I offer you expert counseling for individuals and couples.

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I find joy and happiness in each breath that I breathe.

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