Hypnotherapy for Cancer with Roger Moore & Nizam Thonduru

In the podcast, Hypnotherapy for Cancer with Roger Moore & Nizam Thonduru, we discuss how Medical Hypnosis can benefit people who are experiencing cancer. Nizam Thonduru is a Counselling Psychologist, EFT Master Trainer, NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist living in India.

Hypnosis can be powerfully effective for the physical, mental and emotional fallout that comes with the disease – and after, when life is often profoundly different. Cancer patients and survivors often experience significant problems with pain, fatigue, sleep, stress, anxiety, trauma and grief associated both with the cancer diagnosis and side effects of treatments.

Cancer impacts so many more people than the patient, and loved ones often need help to process and deal with their new situation. My office is a safe place for couples to talk through role changes caused by cancer and at times, the impending death of one of the partners. And, it’s a place to grieve the loss of body parts and functions.


Hypnosis can be powerfully effective

After cancer, life is often profoundly different, and hypnosis can be powerfully effective for the physical, mental and emotional fallout.  There is life after cancer, and it can be made easier with support and tools like self-hypnosis. The efficacy of hypnosis for cancer recovery is well documented, and I’d be happy to discuss hypnosis could help with this or any other health concern you have.

If you are living with cancer, chronic pain, anxiety or other health challenges, call me at (760) 219-8079 or email me now. All sessions are live online. So, together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

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