Hypnotherapy has been used with joint pain and any other kind of pain for centuries. I first became interested hypnosis pain control in 1997 as I was helping clients with weight loss hypnosis. Joint pain often goes hand-in-hand with obesity. Over the years I have taught people self hypnosis to manage pain who were living with cancer, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, autoimmune disease, migraines, back pain, phantom limb and many mysterious unexplained – yet very real pains. If you are suffering with chronic pain, hypnosis can make your life liveable again. Learn to control pain with Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy helps with joint pain

Vancouver Sun, by Shawn Conner, May 29, 2013: It only took one session of hypnotherapy, along with recordings, to help, she said. “Listening to the recordings at night worked a lot better than what I was doing before, which was reading before going to sleep. My sleeping improved rapidly. I was only waking up maybe once or at the most twice a night.”

The recordings were “nothing startling,” Woods said. Paraphrasing the hypnotic instructions, she said, “‘Look at the big red dot in your mind and follow it into the sunset and relax your elbows.’ It’s something you’ve heard a thousand times before if you’ve done yoga or anything like that.”

Woods had also begun taking a newly prescribed drug for the pain at the same time as her first hypnotherapy session, which was in August 2012. “The combination worked really well. I believe that the hypnotherapy played as much a part in that as the drug did. I occasionally will forget to take the drug and I’ll still go right back to sleep if I get that MP3 player out and listen to it.”

Complex pain specialist Dr. Pamela Squire, whom Woods has seen about her condition, said she will often suggest hypnotherapy to patients. Pain has a context, Squire said, and is evaluated on the basis of other things going on around it. For instance, if you’re having a bad day and you stub your toe, you’re more likely to rate the pain at a higher level than if you hurt yourself on a day you’re picking up a lottery cheque. “Although hypnotherapy might not change the stimulus, it can affect the emotional part,” Squire said. “But can it affect how much pain bothers you? For sure. It relieves stress, in some people.”

Woods has gone back for another hypnotherapy session, this one to work on her posture. That too seems to have helped. “What she (the hypnotherapist) told me to do was very easy, and made a bigger improvement than what anyone I’d dealt with before had told me.”

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At Bainbridge hypnosis and Seattle hypnosis I have been assisting people with chronic pain for the past 16 years. I have witnessed the value of hypnosis pain control in many clients as well as for myself. I know that hypnosis works to manage pain. Your mind and body are connected. Learn self hypnosis to keep them in sync, working towards your health.

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