Hypnotherapy for Neurocognitive Disorder & End of Life

Join Dr. Dan Nightingale, Kathleen Nightingale and I for our Hypnotherapy for Neurocognitive Disorder & End of Life course. This streaming video course is available at the Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Facilitated over approximately 18 hours, this course is aimed at existing clinicians wishing to further develop their existing clinical skills, knowledge and competence in older care or those wishing to develop a new clinical interest.

We baby boomers are getting older and the number of people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias will continue to grow. This is your opportunity to enhance your skills for serving a aging population and build your Healthcare Support Hypnosis practice.

Hypnotherapy for Neurocognitive Disorder & End of Life

Six Segments to this course

  1. Alzheimer’s and other Dementias with Dr. Dan
  2. End of Life and Palliative Care with Dr. Dan & Roger
  3. Independent Study
  4. Marketing and Q & A with Dr. Dan, Kathleen & Roger
  5. One-On-One Skype Session with Dr. Dan
  6. Optional Written Exam for IMDHA Specialty Certification


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