Chaplain Paul Durbin and Roger Moore discuss hypnotherapy and the Human Trinity at the Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization‘s annual conference in New Orleans. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and use hypnosis mind control to choose love, joy and happiness in your life. One way that you can do that is with Orange Blossom, my hypnosis MP3.

Victor Frankl talks about the unholy trinity and as a reader of Frankl, Chaplain Durbin developed his practice of hypnotherapy around the Human Trinity, body, mind and spirit. The body, mind and spirit are integrated and you can not affect one without affecting the other.

Chaplain Durbin tells us that we can be successful in this life, but in order to be the total person that we were intended to be the spiritual aspects of self. Using the clients understanding of faith and spirituality, Chaplain Durbin guides his clients in integrating body, mind and spirit for a more complete and fulfilling life.

Chaplain Durbin loves to tell stories. He tells us about a man who has three daughters and the man asked his daughters how much did they love him. The first daughter said, “Daddy, I love more than all the gold and silver in the world.” He hugged her and thanked her. The second daughter said, “Daddy, I love more than all the rubies, diamonds, emeralds and precious stones in the world.” He hugged her and thanked her. The youngest daughter said, “Daddy, I love you more than salt.” The father thought that she did not understand the value of things but hugged her and thanked her anyway.

The man’s wife had observed this and at the next meal she did not put any salt into any of his food. As he began to eat, he fully understood how much his youngest daughter truly loved him.  Her dad was the flavor and seasoning of her life.

For Chaplain Durbin the spiritual is the flavor and seasoning of life.

Victor Frankl described the unholy trinity as guilt, pain and death. When a person feels guilty they experience pain for their real and imagined transgressions. Chaplain Durbin believes that when we are wrapped up in guilt, we can only be released from guilt by forgiveness or punishment.

Victor Frankl taught that we as humans have one freedom that can never betaken away and that is the stand we take regrading our problems. We have the ability to choose the attitude we take towards life’s challenges. That even in pain and suffering, we can go to a time when we enjoyed life and the suffering can be relieved so there can be peace and comfort.

As a hypnotherapist, we can teach people how to relieve their physical, mental and emotional pain.

Chaplain Durbin‘s website Human Trinity Hypnotherapy is filled with articles and resources for understanding and using hypnosis and he has a sections on Victor Frankl, Alfred Adler, Bernie Siegel and others. It’s a great resource of information that I refer to frequently. You can also purchase Chaplain Paul Durbin‘s book Hypnotherapy for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Be sure to watch both parts of Hypnotherapy & the Human Trinity with Chaplain Paul Durbin & Roger Moore. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you can learn how to hypnotize yourself and use the tools of hypnosis mind control for body, mind and spirit. Be sure that you take advantage and get your hypnosis MP3. Discover the power of Orange Blossom.

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