Hypnotic suggestions for weight loss

I end Chapter 7 of Becoming Slender For Life with hypnotic suggestions for weight loss to support you in living the rest of your life slender for life.

Each Saturday for the past several months, I have posted a section of chapter 7. This chapter is one of the most popular chapters in Becoming Slender For Life. It’s a frequent topic of conversation during weight loss hypnosis sessions.

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Hypnotic suggestions for weight loss

Becoming Slender For Life

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Hypnotic suggestions to increase confidence and self-esteem

  • I easily achieve my goals.
  • I am more confident in myself, my choices and my abilities.
  • My success is forever.
  • I am walking toward my ideal body.
  • I remove all inappropriate thoughts from my mind.
  • I remove all inappropriate behaviors from my actions.
  • I am proud of the control I have over my eating and exercise habits.
  • I am walking away from my dysfunctional behavior.
  • I am free from the limiting opinions of others.
  • I experience joy in each step I take toward achieving my goals.
  • I do the best possible things for myself.
  • I am assuming the behavior of a happy, physically fit and athletic person.
  • Each day I wake up happier and more content with my healthier choices.
  • Each day brings new opportunities and a greater sense of purpose.
  • I love myself enough to do whatever safe and healthy things it takes to ensure my ideal body weight.
  • I find a greater joy in living.
  • I am freeing myself from the embarrassment of excess weight.
  • I am freeing myself from the misery of excess weight.
  • Each day I congratulate myself for the positive steps I take toward my success.
  • I make choices today to create the tomorrow I want.
  • I am in charge of my life and accept responsibility for my power.
  • I am in control and feel worthy and vibrant. My confidence and determination overcome any setback or obstacle. I let go of my negative emotions.
  • I am free to become the magnificent me that I am meant to be.
  • I am an important person.
  • I consistently behave in a way that creates my wellness because I deeply love and care about myself.
  • I am a person of worth and value.
  • I feel good about myself.
  • I accept my strengths and limitations, knowing I have the power to make changes.
  • I am the master of my life.
  • My inner strength grows stronger.
  • I am attractive and handsome, becoming more so each day.
  • I listen and trust my inner voice.
  • I am empowered to act now.
  • I am free from conflicting desires.
  • Each day brings new opportunities and a greater sense of purpose.
  • I behave with more self-assurance.
  • My courage grows to help me become more sure of myself.
  • I have a greater appreciation for myself.

Becoming Slender For Life pages 222 – 223

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am empowered to act now.

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