I found WiFi! Its at the Morningside Organic Bakery & Cafe in Fulford -not too far from the Boat House where we stay. This vacation to Salt Spring Island is different that our two previous visits in that we are missing the hot sun. Both times that we were here before we have had lots of sun and plenty of heat; so far this year it matches the rest of our summer, cool, wet and cloudy. Nonetheless, we are having a great time of relaxing, reading and doing lots of nothing. I am counting on sun by Wednesday. If you have never visited the Gulf Islands, put them on your travel to do list. The Gulf Islands are a string of Canadian Islands that lie within the Strait of Georgia, stretching from the Canada – U.S. border southeast of Vancouver Island to Campbell River in the north.

Salt Spring is a mix of luxurious mansions and quaint homes tucked in the trees. It is a very rural island with rich forests and beautiful farm valleys where sheep and produce are raised. Salt Spring along with the other Gulf Islands are known as the Canadian Riviera. They have a mild climate that is not too hot in the summer, not too cold in the winter and lie in a rain shadow so they are fairly dry, especially in the summer months.

Getting to and from Salt Spring is a days journey by car and boat. We left home at noon on Friday and arrived two hours later in Port Angeles, Washington. From there, we sailed the Coho to Victoria and spent the night in Sydney. We were on the 8:30 AM Saturday ferry to Fulford so that we could be in Ganges for the Saturday market.

Ganges has a wonderful market of fresh produce, hand made soaps and exotic items like Monsoon Coast Curry Powder. We stock up on soap and curry powder for the year and get our produce and wood fired oven breads for the week.

While we eat most of our meals at the Boat House, we have found two favorite restaurants. The Tree House Café in Ganges has a variety of meals. My favorite is their sweet potato burrito that is baked. The Salt Rock Café & Restaurant had a rice & lentil burger that Marilyn says was the best veggie burger she had ever eaten. I had their squash & kidney bean soup that has a curry base. It was delicious!

The photos: Someone’s Castle: One of the Natives: Mountain Top View, Farming in the Valley: I love the Arbutus Trees: The Power of a Glacier

OH – Gotta Go – The Sun Just Came Out!