For most of my life when I felt anger, hurt, fear or sadness, all I knew to do was to blame the person that I thought had wronged me. I especially took it out on my husband.

If he was tied up in traffic coming home from work and was late, I blamed him. The truth was I missed him, and I was disappointed.

When my mom didn’t return my call until the next day, I blamed her for not caring about me. Actually, I didn’t feel important.

My son wanted to spend a long holiday weekend with his friend’s family, I pouted and blamed him for not doing his weekend chores. In reality, I was sad because my baby was growing up and separating from me as he is supposed to do.

I blamed my friend for choosing to hang out with her sister from out of town and not meeting me for our morning coffee. I felt hurt because I didn’t believe that I was important.

This list of my blame could go on for pages. What I now know is that it is really a list of my pain.

Thanks to the Greatest Expression of You, I not longer blame my husband – or my son, mom, friend or anyone else. At least I try not to anyway!



The change occurred when one morning as I meditated on being my best self and was focused on memorizing joy I had a big ah ha moment. It occurred to me that if my joy came from within me – then so did my anger, hurt fear and sadness.

When I am being my best self, I recognize the tightness in my chest, the run-away thoughts in my head and the ache in my heart. I realize that these are my pains and my opportunities for healing. It is up to me to heal my disappointment, feeling uncared for, sadness and feeling unimportant. I can then change and focus on my joy.

I use the inventory at the end of the day to review my day. Then I mentally rehearse those scenes where I was less than my best self and fell back into old behavior. I am noticing that I recognize this old behavior quicker and I don’t stay there for very long anymore.

The Greatest Expression of You help me to change me. When I feel pain, it is mine to heal. I now know that I can no longer blame it on my husband. And, I know that I can no longer look to others for my joy – that comes from within me.

(This is from an email I received from an online hypnosis client that wishes to remain anonymous)

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My joy is within me!

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