Irritable Bowel Syndrome

by Melissa J. Roth, PhD

IBS-ReliefIBS Relief is the program that I have used repeatedly for years with my clients and it works. My wife suffered with IBS all her life and this program worked for her.

Developed by a former IBS sufferer, this audio program consists of 7 CD’s to be used in the comfort of your own home. CD #1 contains an introduction to hypnosis, an introduction to using hypnosis for IBS symptom relief and instructions for using this program. CD numbers 2-7 contain one session each in the basic 6 session therapy program. The enclosed instruction booklet contains instructions for use, information and self-help tips for IBS and symptom tracking charts. Easy and convenient to use. No complicated listening schedules. Can be used as you are going to sleep at night without loss of effectiveness. Since 1996, 86% of clients worldwide have become symptom free and have remained that way after the sessions ended. This therapy program was initially developed to relieve my own, severe IBS symptoms. I have been symptom free since 1996. I eat and drink whatever I please without anxiety or fear. I take no supplements or medications for IBS symptoms. The suggestions are designed to re-train the muscles and nerves of the gut to function properly again. Therefore, unlike other programs, when the sessions are completed there are no symptoms left to “manage.” Recorded by the developer, Melissa J. Roth, CHt., PhD, a former IBS sufferer. You can purchase IBS Relief directly from Melissa Roth.