Ideal white blood cell count

Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis with Roger Moore can help you achieve an ideal white blood cell count. Dr. Michael Greger tells us that there is a relationship between “fitness and fatness” and white blood cell count. 51.5% of obese people with low fitness have an unhealthy white blood cell count.

One of my great joys is when clients share with me how excited their medical doctor is with the health improvements they have made. Frequently, these doctors call me and want to learn more about hypnosis for weight loss so that they can refer their patients to me.

Weight loss hypnosis can help you to make healthy lifestyle choices so that exercise and clean food become a central part of your life.

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Ideal white blood cell count

“’Fitness and fatness’ appear to both play a role. More than half—51.5%—of obese persons with low fitness have white counts above 6.6. But those who are more fit, or who have less fat, are less likely to be up that high. Of course, that could just be because exercisers and leaner individuals are eating healthier, eating less inflammatory diets.

How do we know excess body fat itself increases inflammation, increases the white count? You’d have to find some way to get people to lose weight without changing their diet or exercise. How’s that possible? Liposuction! If you suck about a quart of fat out of people, you can significantly drop their white count by about a point. So, maybe this should get us to rethink the so-called normal reference range for white blood cell count. Maybe we should revise it downward, like we’ve done for cholesterol and triglycerides.” ~ Michael Greger, M.D.

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Exercise and clean food are a central part of my life.

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