Shadow Self

You may be wondering, “What does Roger mean, ‘Illuminate Your Shadow Self’“? Or, you may also wonder, “What is my shadow self?”

Our shadow self is that part that we don’t like about ourselves. You may recognize it as impulsive behaviors, critical or mean thoughts. The shadow self is what you yourself perceive as dark and weak about yourself, and therefore needing to be hidden and denied. It’s those parts that we don’t want to admit to having.

Too often, we also want to deny or change the shadow self of the people we love and admire. But, here’s the deal, we don’t get to just love the part of ourselves or the part of those that love that’s in the light. Being fully human means that we do have a dark side – a shadow side.

I suspect that dark side or shadow side is present to keep us humble and to teach us how to truly love ourselves and the people in our lives. Illuminate Your Shadow Self is my latest editorial in the March/April edition of Desert Health. Like Mary, I think my shadow self is present to help me to be a better version of me.


“Mythologically, having no shadow means being of another world, not being fully human.”


Illuminate Your Shadow Self

We all want to be seen and experienced as good people. We want to be liked and appreciated. We hope our best intentions are usually on display. But we’re also human, and humans have “shadow selves.” Maybe your temper flares in traffic and your horn makes you heard. Or, maybe you snap at your spouse over things you know don’t really matter. Or even worse, sometimes you descend to a truly dark place and lose sight of the light.

I’ve often described the darkness within as a scary cavern where we trip over unknown items that block our path. But when we illuminate the darkness within, we discover instead a beautiful cathedral filled with all the gifts and talents and resources we need to fully live our lives.

I invite you to acknowledge and embrace all of who you are with love — and don’t be afraid of the dark.

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