boathouse-2-copy.jpgbaothouse-deck.jpgsaltspring-nights.jpgsalt-spring-moon.jpgmountain-top.jpgstar-fish.jpgMarilyn and I are on vacation August 31 to September 8. We are off to Salt Spring Island, BC to stay at our favorite cottage – the Boat House. Last year I wrote Becoming Slender For Life while here. It is a time to rest, rotate in the sun, ride my bike, and sit quietly with my Marilyn.  The good news is that there is no Starbucks on Salt Spring – the bad news is that I won’t have Starbucks Wifi available.  From what I see on-line and from what I remember, internet access will be limited so I do not anticipate posting any blogs while there.

The first photo is of the Boat House where we stay, the second photo is of the deck.  We spend most of our time and eat most all of our meals on the deck. The view is so perfect that it seems a sin to leave and go to a restaurant. The next two photos are night time photos from the deck. The fifth photo is of one of Salt Spring’s bays and the final photo is of one of the locals on the rocks at the Boat House