Creator of my future

When you first told me that I could be the creator of my future I did not believe you. It’s been six months since our last session, but thanks to you I am happier and more loving. My wife tells everyone that I am a different person.

Even though I only met with you for 4 sessions I am no longer depressed, stressed and angry. I used to make life miserable for myself, my family and pretty much anyone that I came in contact with.

You taught me your Greatest Expression process which changed my life. I begin each day memorizing joy and mentally rehearsing being happy and loving. Frequently each day I use self-hypnosis.

In the past 6 months I have healed my relationship with my wife and my kids. My wife and I are like newlyweds.

Prior to meeting you, I had been in therapy for almost 5 years. I accomplished more in the 4 sessions with you than I did in all those years seeing the psychologist.

I am no longer a victim to my past – I am the creator of my future!

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I am the creator of my future!

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