Use your imagination

At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore you can learn to use your imagination for sports performance. Professional athlete? Weekend warrior? Or, do you just want to get off the couch and take your dog for a walk?  No matter what, you can learn to use your imagination to your benefit.

Because your imagination is always at work, your success depends on learning how to control it.

Before every bike ride, I visualize my route. I ride with strength, speed and endurance. I vividly see myself riding and returning home safely.

Use your imagination for sports, academics, dance, relationships, business success and for your health.

Give me a call or send me an email and discover how you can learn to use your imagination to be an elite at what you do.

How are you using your imagination?

When you start thinking about getting off of the couch and moving your body, are you jazzed and excited and visualizing your peak performance? Or, are you making excuses thinking that it’s too hard or your too tired or that you’re not good enough?

Either way, you are using your imagination.

I’m reminded of a someone who was describing her Happy Place. As she described her tropical beach, she got upset because it was raining. While trying not to laugh too hard, I said, “It’s your imagination. Stop the rain! Choose blue sky and sunshine!”

I teach self-hypnosis at Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore so that you can train your imagination to be controlled and focused on your success. Enhance your muscle memory and sport skills faster with hypnosis.

Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance

A Streaming video class for hypnotherapists
with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore
Together we will teach you how to:
  • Use hypnosis for peak performance states
  • Market a practice to professional and amateur athletes that pay full price for your services
  • Use hypnosis to expand capacity, reach new goals and create physical as well as mental success
  • We will demonstrate real life processes, including effective strategies for visualization, self-talk and affirmation and even micro-muscle memory for sports performance.

Join us for this full day training event. You will end the day with scripts you can use, strategies that work and a marketing plan that will help your private practice succeed.

Become a peak performer yourself by enhancing your skills and confidence, build your practice and increase your income.

Psychology: Use your imagination

Athletics Weekly,  October 28, 2013: ”

Imagery is one of the greatest tools used in sport psychology to enhance performance. This is done by enhancing motor skills and muscle memory and it is also used for motivation.

Studies have found that practicing imagery, along with regular training, enhances muscle memory and sport skills faster and further than regular training alone. In a competitive world where only the slightest improvement can be the difference between a champion and a runner-up we need to take all the opportunities that we can to become elite at what we do.” Read Psychology: Use your imagination

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I use the power of my imagination to be an elite at what I do.

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