Improve your health during cancer treatmentResearchers at Mayo Clinic found that you can improve your health during cancer treatment with quality of life therapies like hypnosis. At Seattle medical hypnosis and Bainbridge medical hypnosis I have witnessed the positive results cancer patients achieve when they learn and use self hypnosis. If you are living with cancer, you too can improve your physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being with medical self hypnosis. If you live too far away from Puget Sound, we can create a Skype hypnosis program to fit your needs.

‘Quality of Life’ Therapy Improves Health During Cancer Treatment

Newswise, February 18, 2013: Therapy to ease stress, fatigue and other quality of life issues significantly improves patients’ sense of well-being during cancer treatment, new Mayo Clinic research shows. Patients who kept to their standard routines showed a decline in quality-of-life measures, the study found. The findings are published this month in Cancer.

Mayo cancer care specialists created a six-session program to address cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Each session includes physical therapy exercises to improve fatigue, discussions of topics such as developing coping strategies or addressing spiritual concerns, and deep breathing or guided imagery to reduce stress.

For people with cancer, fighting the disease understandably takes highest priority. But other factors — including stress, fatigue, pain, and spiritual uncertainty — can severely diminish patients’ quality of life during and after treatment.

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During Cancer Treatment

Not only do mindfulness hypnosis techniques like deep breathing and guided imagery help to improve quality of life, they can also help you to recover faster, improve energy, minimize side effects and reduce pain and suffering. Studies are showing that hypnosis for cancer is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with the physical symptoms of cancer as well as decreasing need for anesthesia during surgery, alleviating pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress.

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