Improve your health and reverse agingDr. Dean Ornish says that you can improve your health and reverse aging with a plant based diet. Almost daily new and exciting studies on the health benefits of a plant strong starch based diet are emerging. Last month I was certified by John McDougall, MD, in his Starch Solution program which, like Dean Ornish, is all about plant based eating. With hypnosis, living a plant strong lifestyle can be really easy and wonderfully healthy and enjoyable. Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis can help you to learn hypnosis and respect your body by giving it the plant based nutrition it needs.

Healthy diet may reverse aging

NBC News, Today Health, September 17, 2013: A program of healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction can not only reverse some diseases — it may actually slow down the aging process at the genetic level.

The lifestyle changes affected the telomeres — little caps on the end of the chromosomes that carry the DNA, the team at the University of California, San Francisco report.

The report, published in Lancet Oncology, is based on just a few men, and prostate cancer patients at that. But it shows surprising results: Men who switched to a vegan diet, added exercise and stress reduction had longer telomeres.

“Taken as a whole, this is really the first study showing that any intervention may reduce cellular aging,” Ornish told NBC News. “I think these findings are almost certainly not restricted to men with prostate cancer.”

The program includes eating a diet high in whole foods, fruits, vegetables, unrefined grains and keeping fat to 10 percent of calories. The average American gets more than a third of calories from fat. For the first three months, volunteers got take-home meals.

They also exercised, walking at least 30 minutes a day, six days a week, did yoga-based stretching and breathing exercises, practiced relaxation techniques and went to weekly one-hour stress-reduction group sessions. And they gave blood samples.

“We found that telomerase increased by 30 percent in just three months,” Ornish said. Telomerase is an enzyme that affects telomeres. They also looked at gene activity. “Gene expression on 500 genes changed, in every case in a beneficial way,” Ornish told NBC News.

Five years later, the team took blood samples again. The 10 men who followed the Ornish plan had significantly longer telomeres five years later — on average 10 percent longer. The 25 men who had not followed the program had shorter telomeres — 3 percent shorter on average.

“The more people changed their lifestyles, the more they improved,” Ornish said.

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Ornish says that eating a starch based diet is easy to follow. “We are getting 85 to 95 percent adherence to our program,” he said. “We are getting ridiculously high levels of adherence.” Ornish says that’s because it’s pleasant, and comprehensive. “And most people feel so much better when they change their lifestyle.”

You too can learn hypnosis and easily change your lifestyle to a healthy plant based diet. Respect your body by giving it the plat based nutrition it needs.

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